Random day in the Life–October 6th

On October 1st, my canoe tipped over in a wind/wave/reaching combination and I sunk another camera. Well, Soaked it, it was hanging around my neck in a waterproof bag.  Did ya know that when the bag isn’t zipped it becomes more like a camera aquarium? Who Knew? On October 6th, we sold a car for the neighbors and were able to pick up an inexpensive Lumix replacement – So – I bring you a random day of playing with the camera.

Speaking of things you may not know:

Did you know that Ducks like to tuck their heads into their wings and sleep on the dock? Mergansers look like a brown football. These mallards sleep standing up.


Or that the carp that the water district planted into the lake many years ago are now 4-6 feet long, and so thick that their fins stick out above water when they eat grass close to our dock?


Or that Max likes to eat raw pumpkin innards?


What? He Does! Ask Jon! – “Oh Ya, He likes em,” says Jon.


Or that a pumpkin will completely deflate coated in Mold in about 2 days when it is still 60+degrees and 95% humid?


Or when it is said 60 degrees and the lake is flat that not a lot of math gets done around here?

Have I mentioned we’ve counted over 5 Blue Herons and 15 exact White Egrets in one tree?


Or that the week of October 5th was the great migration time for Coots and Mergansers? A raft of 80 coots were around the bend and a raft of 20+ mergansers were in our shallow water this week.


Did you know if you emptied a tea bag, lit it on fire, that it would shoot up to the ceiling and disappear?



and that brothers really enjoy racing tea bag rockets while moms danced around with cold wet rags to try to catch said bag, but only made the debris a 100 times worse when it burst into fine dust? We learned about heat, the pressure of it – ended up looking up quite a few examples on YouTube. It seemed to help if the air around the bag wasn’t REALLY cold, the surface was flat, and there were absolutely no tea particles in the bag.


It’s a pretty swift way to get rid of tea that has been in the cupboard since we lived in Bend, Oregon. Thought you might like to share in our random photographed moments.


Here is a link to a fun couple of second video of the actual rocket shooting up:


I will let my neighbor narrate the film for you, her laugh, and then statement that she is at our house watching the boys blow things up, and the assumption that it is quite normal news to the listener on her phone call.  Very quick Video. Funny.

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3 Responses to Random day in the Life–October 6th

  1. My boys are already looking in the cupboard for tea bags….THANKS Angie….I will have no tea left. 🙂

  2. I’m so happy you have a camera again. And I’m with Julie, I HAVE to try the tea rocket. The kids are going to go nuts!

  3. ~julie ~ says:

    must try tea rocket.

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