Women of Faith–Over The Top-Pictorial View


What happens in the wee hours when four Bloggers meet up – to meet up with 2 more bloggers – to meet up with 7,000 women – who all love Jesus?  I think they call it Women of Faith – Over the Top – and they gather us in the Portland Rose Garden.


A shout out to the Staff, Volunteers, and Security at the Rose Garden – Y’all are Awesome!


Patsy Clairmont from the Nose Bleed Section.  Actually, There really weren’t any hurt noses – the arena has large screens – while the speaker walks around, cameras capture them from 360 degrees, you always feel like they are talking right to ya.


Which was helpful for Andy Andrews, who apparently put Red Bull on his Fruit Loops for breakfast on Friday. I think the camera guys need to get a bonus for following Andy around! He had a unique way of getting up close and personal.


It is hard to explain – but do you see how Andy is talking to this woman?  That is how it felt from Here:


Well. Except, it was almost lunch break and he wasn’t on stage – but picture it for me.  For Friday – we only had a half of an arena, for the Evening and all of Saturday we were PACKED all the way around.



Lunch Break, Worship, More with Patsy and Andy, Red Robin, and then – back at our seats for the Evening Session.  For the evening Session we were on the Floor with our front row side section tickets from BookSneeze. They. Were. Awesome. Seats! We Tweeted it up with women all over the arena – it felt like we were on the “front Porch” with these great gals. Many of the speakers tweeted back, along with Women of Faith and BookSneeze. It was a fun Twitter Party! (Waving Hello From Pebblekeeper!)




Words for Sandi Patty. Nope. Still have my jaw on the ground, have since the 80’s.


Favorite New Group – Well. New to me – Selah. What a fun trio! Each gave a piece of their life in word also – and shared openly their personality and even a little African Praise Song.






Merilyn Meberg – I’m not sure if she is describing the feeling of driving 110 miles an hour, or sharing her passion for loving the Lord with your whole heart – driving it home – of how, through the Word, you too may become a true Woman of Faith. You go girl!


Here we have our Worship Team – What a great group of gals! I can’t stress enough how each member of the entire staff, continuously went – Over the Top – to direct our hearts, minds and eyes to Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith. Amazing.

We were here, gathered from Hawaii to Utah, Idaho, Washington, California, and a few of us from Oregon.  5 ladies met up with me, all of whom, I would not know outside of my blogging experience. One our friends referred to it as “internet dating”. Ha! Our group of six, had fun with the entire group of 7 thousand. It. Was. Awesome.

(Thank you BookSneeze for arranging us to be on the 3rd row – for free – in the hopes that I would share my experience with others – Not only on this blog, but on Twitter, Facebook, and all of my in person friends!)

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