Tactile Fun–Scruble Cube

From RSV Productions – allow me to introduce Scruble Cube to your family. Scruble Cube is a “Word game and a puzzle on Steroids”, according to RSV.  We were given a Scruble Cube for our family to use in our homeschool as a part of our The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew this year.

I spend part of my leisure entertainment time playing online word games with friends. So when I heard that this product was coming up – I was honest – and said – I think it will be a lot of fun to me, but I’m not sure how much joy my boys will get out of it. I was sort of right. I have one son, whom I’m not sure has ever picked it up.  I have another son, the 10 year old, Jon, who likes to pick it up and find random words. We’ve kept the cube on our kitchen table. Every. Single. Person. who enters our dining rooms seems to be drawn to this little cube of moveable letters.  Everyone wants to pick it up, browse the letters, find a word. A visitor from Bend, my buddy Heidi, called it “tactile fun”.

The beginning – is to find one or two letters that you think you can form a word with, then, slide the rows on the cube back and forth to find the 3rd or more letters.  Like other word games, there are points per letter, and you can keep track of the score. What we have found, is the joy of finding the word seems to be enough motivation. (Starting Tips Here)

RSV Productions has set up a page for fun, learning and success in your classroom here:http://www.scrublecube.com/education – they have quite a few ideas on how to incorporate this fun object in your learning times. “Math, language, logic, spelling, and/or science can be adapted to the number of students in your home,” RSV promotes.

Out of our family – I seem to be the one that picks it up the most.  If you are learning about phonograms – then you’ll understand the pattern recognition that I start with. I try to look for a phonogram, preferably vowels, ou, oi, ea, ee, etc, then flip starting and ending letters to form a  word.

The site has videos of the cube on various news programs, here is a link to one – http://www.wusa9.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=124305&catid=37


So – Since the first start of school – I have several photos of the Scruble Cube as part of our table and activities, it seems to beg to be handled, that “Tactile Fun” part, however, I do not have one natural photo of our company playing a game with it, or our family playing together with it. If I had 2 or 3 family members like myself, who REALLY enjoyed word/letter games, I think you’d have different results. I should mention that 2 of my family members have severe dyslexia and the cube sort of made their eyes cross. However, if you are online playing word games with all of your cousins, and you plan to get together with them for the holidays – this little cube would be a fun, conversation starting, ice breaking addition to your weekend!

You may order one direct from Scruble Cube on line here for $24.95. The quality and craftsmanship make this a really great deal, in my opinion.

Speaking of opinions – The Old Schoolhouse sends me products to review, use with my family, and then write about – for free – this Scruble Cube is one of those amazing products. I join together with almost 200 bloggers to write about these products. We have quite a bit of time to actually use them in our homes and write about our experience. Experiences will vary with the talents, time and age levels of various families. Click on over to see how the other famlies who reviewed this item chatted it up!  – http://homeschoolcrew.com/784083/ – Scruble Cube at TOS!

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  1. Doreen says:

    I love all of your personal pictures. I need to start doing that more too! We found Scruble Cube to be very challenging! I’m stopping by from the Crew and I hope you’ll visit me too!

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