Trout Fishing on Devil’s Lake


Headed out on the lake to go fishing this morning. Jon set his gear up last evening while I was on a midnight Paddle Board ride with some friends. He set his alarm for 6:30 to head out in the morning, after reminding him it doesn’t get light until after 7, we settled on 7:15 for a  start time.

After heading out over a mile, he realized his PowerBait was too old and dry to stay on his hook.  We flagged down a few fisherman and they said – “Sure – What kind would you like? Gulp? Power Bait? Glitter? Green? Red? Orange or Purple?” then sent him over a whole jar of PowerBait using a fishing net. Jon was pretty thrilled.


Still not quite sunrise over the eastern hill. It wasn’t too cold out there, I had a jacket on and shorts. Max the Wonder Dog.



We drove back over to SandPoint to get out and stretch our legs after about 2 hours on the lake. The wind had picked up and was creating about a 1 foot swell in the dangerous middle area. As soon as we hit land, it all flattened out again. It is pretty amazing how quickly the waves can come and go out there! 



I was following him within hearing and visual distance so that he could fish farther away from our home.  It’s about a 6 mile round trip and we can only see about a mile of it from our deck.





Time to head towards our end of the lake so I can go grab a cup of coffee.


Bacon. Bread. Wood Smoke. Leaf Burning Piles. Fresh Water Lake. Listening to Red Winged Black Birds, Egrets, Herons, and the whistle of Merganser wings as they fly by. Fisherman exchanging status updates without Facebook. Splashing water from the paddles, cool breeze on my face, waves and calm.  No place I’d rather spend the morning!

Our end of Devil’s Lake.


Max excited to see home!


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1 Response to Trout Fishing on Devil’s Lake

  1. Lois says:

    Thanks for another great trip on the lake. Congrats to Jon! That’s a grand fish.

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