Fall Color Walk

I was inspired to photograph the colors in our yard by the Challenge at the Handbook of Nature Study – Outdoor Hour Challenge, Fall Color Walk For October 2011. Here are the delights in our yard –











The Oregon Coast in the fall is vibrant with Purples, Pinks, Yellows.  Red and Orange are rare. The Red Alders in our hard drop the leaves in the wind, we rarely see a color other than yellow from its tall boughs. Evergreen – The Northwest is Evergreen. I see that it will be a good Rhododendron season in the spring, the tomatoes are still coming on strong, the hydrangeas still have buds.



Youtube Links, Nature Notebook Pages, Challenges for the Preschooler to the Highschooler, Encouraging Families to join up with, Step by Step direction for the family new to outdoor observation – for me – I enjoy the accountability of getting outside “on purpose” that comes from this great group of families.  Home, Private, or Government School – you still have an hour a week – to spend outside with your kiddos.  I pass the challenge along to you!

Handbook of Nature Study – Outdoor Hour Challenge – Sudy 5 Fall Color Walk

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6 Responses to Fall Color Walk

  1. Julie says:

    I love the variety that you’ve found. The contact paper idea is great. Our leaves keep drying up and falling apart before we can study them. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Tricia says:

    Oh your hydrangeas are so vibrant! I love your take on this. It is a rainbow! and how smart you are to save it all with contact paper. Beautiful – photos and all.

  3. zonnah says:

    Beautiful collage.

  4. pebblekeeper says:

    Mornin’ Ellen, For the colors, I used Contact Paper, I think that is why the colors came through with brightness. I looked at the photo, and I see 2 kayaks, 2 surfboards, 1 standup paddle board, 2 wooden oars for the canoe (not in photo), and a worm box. I’m thinking that the brown thing is a worm box? Everything else in the photo appears to be brown colored red alder leaves. BUT – we were just outside of the garage and my son found a HUGE foot diameter mushroom right next to the dryer vent, that we had walked past several times, so I was wondering if there was one in this random shot too.

  5. Ellen says:

    Love the waxed paper pressing of leaves. We did the old-fashioned pressing between layers of newspaper and heavy books. Your rendition makes the goodies so vibrant. What is that brown thing near the sled/surfboard photo? A mushroom?

  6. Colors, colors, colors….look at the color you have in your neighborhood right now. I truly love the collection you made and then preserved, so very pretty all together, an autumn rainbow! I wish I could get sedum to grow in my yard.

    Thank you so much for sharing your entry with the OHC carnival.

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