Fall Webs, Composer Study, Drawing, and Nature

OHC More Nature Study
#4 Fall Webs- Cobwebs, Funnel Webs, Orb Webs, and Filmy Domes

For the last several weeks, I have tried to get the boys excited about looking at webs.  Two days ago I asked my 10 yr old, Jon, if he’d like to watch some YouTube videos our Nature Teacher sent us.  He usually really likes the videos she sends – so I finally had his attention!  A little background, for most of Jon’s life, he lived in the Central Oregon High Desert.  We’ve lived in homes that had pest control services with the rental agreements.  When we moved to Lincoln City, Garden Spider Capital of the World, both of my boys were pretty upset about it.  I’m not sure you can go more than a few inches in any direction outside without seeing a HUGE orb spider web. It took them over a year to feel comfortable sleeping in the basement, or it took a year for the Spiders to not feel welcome down there.  This fall, however, Jon has really taken to “playing” with these critters. 

I showed him the websites and videos from the Outdoor Hour Challenge e-Book, and he very strongly declared that we didn’t have those kinds of spiders here.  We only had Orb Builders.  The next day, I had Nate, the 13 yr old watch the videos and he said the same thing.  Funny thing is – I’ve seen all the webs on our home, and knew that the different webs were out there.  Wednesday Morning we started our day with an outdoor nature walk – and low and behold, all the types of webs were right outside the sliding glass door! Jon says, “Huh, I guess I never looked for them before, I just didn’t see them.” Batta Bing. And THAT’S  why I love Handbook of Nature Study.  An area of our home, an activity he has been involved in, time spent outside, but without a real learning direct observational purpose.  15 minutes outside “on purpose” and we learned a wealth of information by observation, a bit of research, and the community of online friends.  I’m a happy teacher!






P1000443We came inside to work on our Nature Notebook Pages – on a whim, I put Scott Joplin, our current Composer into Pandora on the iPod and created a Scott Joplin channel.  FUN!






One fun thing in the “Older’s” Nature Notebook Page was  a Field Guide section. It actually took us booth a bit to see what the intent of the page was, at first we thought he was to create a field guide type report – but then we realized he was supposed to be creating the page from the Field Guide. I had already pulled out several field guides to browse on the table when we returned.  Funny what you don’t teach the boys – he didn’t really know now to find the answers to fill in the blanks from the field guide.  With just a little help, he was on his way! He choose the Golden Rod Crab Spider, who lives outside of our door in the Pansies.


We are challenging Jon to write more, and verbally narrate less.  Nature Study is a great way for him to write more words, as he really gets into the details of what he sees.



I kept track of the Rag Time songs that we listened to. The boys held a discussion of what the Song Felt Like.  Some were happy saloon music. Some would seem to go with a play, accompaniment for the actors, a few were filled with emotion. One that caught attention that way was the Wall Street Rag by Scott Joplin.  You could fill the sorrow, ups and downs of the song. I was surprised when it was his name attached to the music. Most of the songs seemed to portray a feeling, emotion, and it was not surprising when George Gershwin’s name came up quite a bit – who wrote the accompaniment to many a  movie.


For younger years – we really enjoyed this book – Are you a Spider, by Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries. They have a whole series, detail, delight, informative, entertaining.

Goldenrod Crab Spider’s home:


Drat. The Salmon are running up the lake to this creek. I lost the boys!





Bye Bye Fishermen!






Outdoor Hour Challenge: Spider Web









Composer Challenge: Scott Joplin




Drawing with Children


 Drawing Challenge: Drawing with Children – Using the Forward to backward skills learned to draw the webs.





harmony fine arts button



Harmony Fine Arts : Scott Joplin, Grade 4

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2 Responses to Fall Webs, Composer Study, Drawing, and Nature

  1. SarahS says:

    How fun 🙂
    We’ve been doing “field journals” as a way to get the boys writing/drawing a little. Brannon (10) is doing one on “chicken behavior” and one about his catapult experiments. Joshua (7) started his by drawing all the things he’s built lately (cardboard boat, lego creations etc), moved on to things he wants to build followed by several pages full of math problems and finishing up with a few poem which he dictated and I wrote down for him.

    I love the photo of the empty chairs around the school table 😀

  2. Beth says:

    How funny! We are study the same music composer.

    Your nature study looks fun, we are slowly working on implementing in into our schedule.

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