Surf Fishing, Oregon Coast


Salmon Surf Fishing is coming to a slow down as the regulation changes occurred last week, on a normal October day – the beach would have been lined with men, while the bay and mouth becomes choked with boats. We read the warning signs that the time to harvest unclipped? salmon had come to an end for the year.


Oregon Coast Cowboys.


Surf Fisherman



This was just about the nicest lady we’ve met down here in a long time. She’s wearing shorts my friends, not hip waders!  Crah-zee!

Oh, and she’s crabbing, not salmon fishing, you attach a triangle net to your pole, launch it out, they land on it, and then it snaps closed as you reel it in. Fun times.



My apologies to my east coast friends who woke to a blanket of snow. 
The sun was warm, there was no wind.
We came home with sun kissed cheeks and pockets full of sand. 
Oh. The. Joy.

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