The Life of a Book Reviewer


People seem interested in all of the book reviews I do. I have quite a few companies listed on my sidebar on Pebblekeeper’s Reviews . I don’t always post them here, I feel y’all have enough commercial interruptions with my Crew Reviews. At the first of the year, I backed out of many online commitments so the Crew could be first Priority, with Timberdoodle snuggly placed behind it.  I really just like reading.  I’ll read while I stir sauce on the stove. I’ll read just about all night long. Wake up at 1 am?  Reading. Waiting in the car? Book. At the park and I don’t feel like a hike? Book.  I still prefer the paper editions to the e-ink versions.  On days like Saturday, sand permeates every small vacant space of everything one owns.  Pictures of people reading their expensive devices on the beach? I’ve Never seen it on the rainy sandy windy Oregon Coast. Not even on days as glorious as this October Fall Beauty.


Ya, Overall, Book Review work is pretty tedious.  And you’re not really “earning” anything. Ha.  I have really enjoyed how the last few inspirational books have had a weaved theme of perception, acceptance, grace, mercy, healing.  I think when you do book reviews they should send you 5 so your friends can be on the same page as you.  I’m assuming they want five of my friends to buy a copy just to shut me up, but they’d make 25 sales instead of 5 if they listened to me. . . .

Can’t do this with e-ink.  and how do you just throw it on the quilt to go take beach shots?


I’ve heard murmurings as to what I do with the kids while I am selfishly reading. 
It’s not like I bury them in the sand or hide them under a huge pile of driftwood . . .



Making friends with the surfin’ seals.





A little walk up to the waves to take a few pictures, left Jon to work on his tunnel.


How ya doin’ Jon?  Good.


The view behind our log.



Siletz Bay, Taft – looking towards Cutler City.


We moved closer to Mo’s as the sun was setting, and found a raging fire, we settled down by a log that was close enough to share the heat. Even though the evening was warmish, bon fire is always welcome!


I’ll try to download this to my iPod to play for people who want to strike up idle conversations about the beach. . . . or, I’ll just toss my book on the blankie quilt and enjoy a wonderful conversation with a tourist or passing child.

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3 Responses to The Life of a Book Reviewer

  1. LOVE it! I was sitting on the beach, ok lanai on the beach, with my Kindle. It just wasn’t the same as a good ole fashion print book.

  2. Cherilyn says:

    You an interesting writer, so you could probably review the phone book and make it interesting.

  3. Briana says:

    You review girl! I love reading too and I still can’t believe I can get free books for doing what I love!

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