We Dare You!

Probably not the three words that should be spoken around our house!  However, when Timberdoodle wrote to ask if we’d like to review some products from their Holiday Gift Guide – we said YES!  Both boys really wanted to attack this book – We Dare You! by Vicki Cobb and Kathy Darling.

From the Book Review point of view –

  • this is a very simple to read and understand Science Experiment fun book.
  • I highly recommend it,
  • wording is simple and precise,
  • pictures are descriptive,
  • and the projects are fun.

Ok – From the Mom Point of view –

We were having a day when the boys were not getting along well.  (Right, like that doesn’t happen at your house?) I started looking through the book and many of the daring experiments required two people. 

P1000742I started with the Only by a Thread Human Wonder experiment on page 5.  The idea is to hold someone down with a thread hovering over their upper lip.  When Jon broke the string with his lip, then his brother had to see if he was strong enough to break the string. They were both yelping a little, but it seemed to make them happy that they were both in pain.


P1000744Moving along to a Quick Buck, Bet you can’t catch a dollar bill! on Page 9 – the boys were amazed that they couldn’t do it.  If they adjusted their fingers, or squeezed before the bill was in their hand, they could catch it.  But, bill between the fingers, slipped through every time.




P1000747Moving backward to page 8, Tightfisted About Money, Bet you can’t drop a penny held between two fingers! We tried holding the penny between our ring fingers. The boys figured out that you could slide your fingers to make the penny drop, but that was against the rules. We did get to talk a bit during the dollar drop, and during the penny drop, that it didn’t help to get angry at the sibling finding a way around the challenge.  Good conversations.


P1000749We moved on to page 11, Write Wrong, Bet you can write backwards! Both boys commented that they thought the other was writing jibberish, making fun of each other, until we headed to the mirror and saw the words could be read with ease.  Again, we got to have a conversation on perspective, and looking at things from another point of view.


Below is a video of the dollar drop:

Vicky Cobb has quite a few videos on her site that may inspire you!
List of Videos from Vicki Cobb – We Dare You Videos!

One of the great things about being a home learner – is that you get to spend a lot of time with your kiddos – finding fun adventurous things to do is sometimes hard when you are exhausted after going through 2-3 levels of math and reading instruction.  If you are looking to fill some fun time, looking for some Christmas or holiday shopping ideas, I recommend clicking over to Timberdoodle to order you a Free Gift Guide , they will zip you a full color magazine pronto!

In the mean time, check out We Dare You! by Vicki Cobb and Kathy Darling, offered at Timberdoodle.  We are always looking for that fun gift that will engage the whole family, bring laughter, start conversations, create learning opportunities – and have Fun!

I choose to receive a free copy of We Dare You! for in exchange for using it in my home, and sharing our time with you! I am not obligated to share a perky fun lovin’ it review – just to keep it real and help you out! Thanks Timberdoodle! I am not an affiliate and I receive nothing from sales,  just the joy that my sharing will be helpful to your home!

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4 Responses to We Dare You!

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  2. Fun! I’m going to order it, unless I missed the sentence where you are giving one away. 😉

  3. Blossom says:

    Such a cool book! I bet (haha) my kids would love it. Great review, as always 😉

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