Tale of Tsar Saltan / Boy in a Sailor Suit

Wow.  I am so loving Korsakov – Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov – that I almost can say his name if I’m talking about our studies around town.  I have listened to the above piece 3 times this morning, The Tale of Tsar Saltan, and plan to keep playing songs on the right hand side of the YouTube channel that say it is from the same piece. We danced around (I) Danced around the dining room. It makes you want to wiggle.  Jon joined me, and Nate asked if it was the Dance of the Weirdo.  The Love. Oh the Love. But he was smiling and really liked the piece.

We watched a Chalk Pastel Beginning Video from Harmony Fine Arts, then created the bird house she told showed us, and then printed the Boy in a Sailor Suit and created that as well. Jon and I had a long conversation about Picasso being a Person and not a Style. He asked if the “lady on the video was an artist”, was she a “Picasso Artist”. He said he felt sorry for a kid growing up to be named Picasso.  So – we had the discussion about Pablo being his first name – Wish I had a picture of his face – “Pablo Picssao? That’s supposed to be better?”  Having the conversations – I am hoping – will cement the author’s name to the style – to the pieces  of art.

I keep saying US, because I feel like I’m enrolled in this class right along with the boys. Even though the title is Grade 4 – if you haven’t heard, done, learned, tried, created – then any level is a good level.  I can see, as you will too, that the three of us have three levels of interest, three levels of skills, but the three of us together have one huge pile of fun on Weds.

Jon and I went down to the dock to try to take pictures of the Hooded Mergansers, Scaups, Mallards, Gulls, Coots, and Canvasbacks down there, oh, a couple of Egrets and Herons – but they go away . . . when we stomp and dance on the dock . . . tis a bummer.






Linking up on Thursday to the Composer Study!

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  1. I was finally going to link up today, but can’t find the linky. Is it not up today?

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