The Homeschool Post, 7th Annual Homeschool Blog Awards

P1000764Tis the season for Blog Awards – I thought I’d write a little about how I view them –
Petra School is nominated in 3 categories – my favorite and passionate area – is the

Best Homeschooling Nature/Field Trip Blog

P1000766As many of my year long viewers know – we moved from a town with over 1,400 homeschoolers, and left a community of over 250 active homeschool families. To a town of about 7,000 people, mostly retires, in a town that doesn’t even contain a Middle School Building, and after a year, I can count the homeschool families I know in Lincoln City on my fingers.  Only two of those family have children in Middle School.  So I did what many homeschool moms in rural areas do – I reached out to the online community to connect, find friendships, spark ideas, share lesson plans, have some conversation over coffee in the wee hours of the morning.  

I found that there are not a lot of Middle School Boy Blogs.  You can find literally thousands of homeschool blogs for the 8 yr old and younger set, but only a handful for the 8th grade and over set.  I came across the Homeschool Post Past Winners link and finally found community. 

P1000767By clicking on a category – especially during voting time through November 18th – you’ll find a large list of blogs. Clicking on the radio button will cast your vote, but then it takes away the nomination list.  Clicking on the names of the blogs – will lead you into little windows of community. Each one of those blogs is connected to at least 10 or so full time homeschool families that communicate and share lessons with each other. (Not an HSBA Rule – Just an Angie’s Observation). If you find you like one of the blogs, the ages of the children, the learning and teaching style – take a moment to look through the comments. See who is posting, being involved in memes, challenges, conversations.

P1000773For the Nature/Field Trip category – I hook up through Barb, at Handbook of Nature Study. The more that her blog is promoted, the more we are all promoted – the more kiddos get to be outside observing Nature! The more families check in, even if only by comments each week to the challenges, the more of a party atmosphere is created.

There are a lot of contests out there, and ultimately – it really does boil down to who has the widest community of friends that will actually click over and hit the button.  My set of friends and family are not into that sort of thing,  – but I am into promoting the list of nominees. This really is one area – that To Be Included in the Nominees – really is an honor. This is my second time on the list of Nominees, Last year for Best Photo and Best New Blogger – this year for Best Photo, Nature Field Trip, and Super Homeschooler. What? Super Homeschooler?  I’m in my pajamas staring at a large pile of folded laundry halfway through a cup of coffee waiting for the kids to wake up, trying not to type to loudly. Ha. It’s 9:30 on a Weds. Our favorite day – Art and Composers. Tired. Tired today. 

P1000775I thought I’d mix in a few photos of our last beach walk on Sunday morning, and share my list of “Search Words” that WordPress gives me.  These are for the last 7 days.  It makes me smile to see how people find me. 

Thanks for the nod to those who Nominated the Petra School Blog!  If you are of the sort that likes to click over, click the radio button, and then scroll down to click vote – Feel free! The Nature category is FULL of all of my best online pals, so a vote for any of us is Fun! Best Homeschooling Nature/Field Trip Blog


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