Thanksgiving Week Starts



Even though it’s not Friday – we start Mud Football on Sunday. It was fun listening to the kids pick team captains and then do the line up to pick teams. Someone gets picked first, someone gets picked last. Interesting emotions in between. Who needs public school for that?


Jon works on a new Jello Jigglers recipe for Turkey Day appitizers. I’ve read that you don’t want to try out a new recipe for company. . . we were happy to eat this batch early.


10 Yr old Boys in the kitchen. It’s a good thing.


We got in a copy of Pre-Algebra Teaching Textbooks in from our friend Julie Coney. It makes me happy for Facebook, for the TOS Crew, and for Friends!  Julie heard my cry of wondering where to go now that we’ve used up all of our math curriculum.  After looking through this text, I see that a start in Chapter 10 would be a good match. Which makes sense, it is where the equation work begins, is lesson 63? which would be about half way through the book. If he had started it the beginning of his 8th grade year, (and if we had done it consistently) it would be where he is now. He actually said he was glad a new one came in because it was getting difficult to find a blank page in Mathmatical Reasoning Book 2.  Really? Glad. Yep, he likes math.


I am interested to see how he does with this text.  I still say from the outside, that I don’t see a huge difference between the Saxon and TT workbooks. We used the Saxon and DIVE cd’s. If he works quite quickly through these lessons, which I think he will, and if he likes them, we may jump to the Algebra ones in February. No sense having him do it twice. I like the idea of workbooks, instead of printing out each sheet of other online programs that have been mentioned.  He does better watching and then writing. We’ll see. Thanks Julie for the Loan!

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