November Storm Lulls


The storms have been passing over the Northwest Oregon Coast.  Winds constant in the 40’s gusts frequently in the 80’s.  My canoe flipped a few times, no damage, trashcans have been re-arranged, a layer of branch debris is the new coverlet for our plush green yard. The water level has risen over a foot, and is now in the sandbox.


I’ve had quite a few emails and Facebook comments of people “praying” for me, feeling sorry for me, being fearful for me.  These thoughts are pretty sweet, and I always covet your prayers, but for these Northwest Winter Storms – it’s the party that keeps everything fun. The waves will swell in thick and deep, stripping the beach of 4-6+ feet of sand, back down to the bedrock, revealing agates and treasures. Floatsome of all sorts will be pushed its final blow to the shore from Japan.  The current wraps around the tip of Alaska, then circles past Washington, hitting a bit of Oregon before swirling out.  We are part of that lowest tip of current from Japan.


The photo above is the view from my kitchen sink.  Still feeling sorry for us?



Taken through the top half of the kitchen sink window.

I’ll leave you with a few photos of the Wednesday Sunset, the lull between the storms, as the shades turn while the sun slips behind the Pacific Ocean.
(These were all taken, straight out of  a cheapo Lumix camera,
no graphic changes made, just showing what I see.
If you could see what I see – you’d realize how INTENSE these colors really are!)





Devil’s Lake, North East Corner, Looking West over the Ocean, November, 2011

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