Two weeks of Planning,–20 mins of eating . . .


We didn’t pull out any stops this year for our Thursday Thankful Dining!


The only thing missing were Green Olives and Deviled Eggs. . .


Teenage Boys’ Dream Dinner.


Jon loves the Turkey Leg Renaissance Style.


Nate was texting under the table, FB Status Updates – He says – “No one is eating Seconds, and I’m waiting for them, I’m on 4th’s and I’m still wanting more – and When is Pie Time?” – Where does he put it all?



Pie and Coffee – and apparently band aid’s incase there is a fork incident? Cherry, Pumpkin, Apple and Pecan.  The boys made and decorated the Apple, I did the Cherry and Pecan, we purchased the Pumpkin from a local bakery this year, I’m tired of my rendition of Squash Pate – I give up on Pumpkin Pie. It was so worth it – this fresh pumpkin flesh custard was almost as good as Grandma used to make.

We have had so many years of hubby working on Thursday, in the retail world, these three days can be quite stressful.  I’m glad he works for a company now that puts family first and treats these days like any other, with a few sale posters to print on Wednesday night.  He doesn’t even go into work today until 10:30. We are so glad we left the big boxes behind! If you live in Oregon – I can’t really put the name in for search issues – but He works at a local employee owned B’eye-Mart.

It was worth blowing 2 weeks of grocery money, we have 3 weeks of leftovers . . . .

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3 Responses to Two weeks of Planning,–20 mins of eating . . .

  1. Mrs. Taffy says:

    I can totally relate! They just eat and eat and eat! My 8 year old was asking for more food an hour after we finished eating? huh? It’s so worth it though and our children think us Mom’s are AMAZING because of all the food we can make! What a blessing!

    I can’t figure out your clue for where your husband works…I’m trying to picture different retailers in Oregon. Oh well! I so don’t respect the big boxes that made people work on Thanksgiving! So Rude!

  2. Sounds like a great day! Can you believe after all of my careful planning, I forgot to make the stuffing? We were blessed to have our family over this year and no one even noticed! I thought that was funny. We aren’t as fortunate as you in the leftover department. 😦 I was counting on leftovers with my menu planning for today and we have none. Time for a quick substitution!

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