Ready for the Holidays? I guess NOT!

Ok. Well. I probably am, but by the end you’ll know why I’m NOT! prepared.


Yesterday after pie and before the board games (10 Days in the USA & Europe and Blokus) I got out our holiday activities. First comes the bird lovin’ snowman. I love this snow globe.


Our big “black fridayish” slurge. We wanted one last year and didn’t go for it. Boys wanted all the cash possible to buy two iPods. This year the Black Friday Price for this Advent Calendar was $19.00 at Bi-Mart.  (Reg 29.00).  Woo Hoo.


Each year we have gone through the day after Thanksgiving to the New Years Day – remembering that the Old Testament told of the Advent (coming) of a Savior to the Hebrews or Jewish People. There are about 60 specific prophecies with over 300 references to the Coming of a Messiah. We spend half of the month being thankful that He did come, and in the way the prophecies said he would. We spend the second half of the month focused on the Advent of Christ – when He comes again, or when we see Him face to face. We go through the end times prophesies also. Advent – He Came. Advent – He’s coming. One year we opened lego minifigs after we lit the candle, it was the most light hearted fun year ever, and we plan to do it again this year. My friend at There Is Hope offered a few ways their family has done unit studies this month. I think I will take her up on the Names of Jesus unit study for December. 


For the past several years we have celebrated the Festival of Lights,  – this year I think we’ll skip over it. We might light a candle or two, but it will not be prominent. Nothing against it, just having done it so many years in a row, it seems to be becoming a chore to remember to light the candles, instead of joy that the Light will never go out in the Tabernacle.

Rather – We are going to do a more American Cultureishy Celebration this year.

I asked Nate to look up when National Cookie Day is, as I think it is the first day of December – he comes up with this list:

Oh Good Stinkin’ Sugar Coma. Now he wants to celebrate

  • Bavarian Cream Pie Day
  • November 28 National French Toast Day
  • November 29 National Chocolates Day
  • November 30 National Mousse Day
  • December 1 National Pie Day
  • December 2 National Fritters Day
  • December 4 National Cookie Day

I just wanted to know when we could spend the day making Cookies before December 6th, St. Nicholas Day. . . . . . I guess I’m not ready for this season after all.

I’ll keep y’all posted on what we get involved with!

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2 Responses to Ready for the Holidays? I guess NOT!

  1. It might bring on a sugar coma – but what a great list of holidays!

  2. Oh, we may just have to join you for that National Cookie Day!

    We did the names of Jesus last year using an article in The Old Schoolhouse. I had the kids create scrolls and they added a name each day. It was really fun for them. The best thing is when we talk about Jesus they will bring up other names. This year we are going to do a traditional Advent countdown and I’m finally going to actually teach them the history of Christmas AKA why mommy didn’t celebrate Christmas until they were born…

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