Relaxed Learning–Daily Grams

Well, I can’t write a post about how Nathan likes to write his own answers out without giving a tale about lil ‘Jon.

We haven’t been doing a lot of narration this month, most of our verbal work has been in nature, science, history, and robotics. We’ve learned a lot, but really haven’t had writing time. We’ve gone back to work on his Writing Tales for practice with classical reading and narration work. Each day he also does a quick page in his Daily Grams, Easy Grammar System book as well. In Oregon, the testing covers grammar and math, so these are usually our daily disciplines.

Back to Daily Grams, and Lil ‘Jon.  I’d been cooking for two days for the big Thanksgiving Feast and thought I had done a good job in the kitchen keeping it clean.  Until I read his work:

Sentence Combining: The floor was sticky. Lemonade had been spilled.

His combination: Lemonade had been spilled on the sticky floor.

hmmm.  It might be time for mom to mop? Ya think?

Today’s Combination got sillier –

A bug buzzed around me. The bug flew away.

His combination –

I killed the stuppid buzzing bug. Smile

I fixed his typo and he wrote it two more times in beautiful handwriting, complete with the smiley face.

It really didn’t help that the Dictionary Guide words question was – Example Nice    Nut – will the word naah-sty be found on the page with the guide words, nice and nut? (phonetic spelling to hinder search engines). Well help me Ronda, but how do you talk about this question seriously with 10 and 13 year old boys? Sigh.

Definitely Relaxed. Never looks like School around here. Smile

(I am not telling these tales for a review, I am not an affiliate of any of these companies)

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