Kick Start Your Fitness

Why wait until January 1st to set fitness goals? Lets get our goals set up now, to help us carry our healthy life through this month of fudge and peppermint mochas!

I was given the opportunity to join with some inspirational bloggers to help each other Kick Off our Fitness.  Our goal is to encourage you!

My personal goal – is to be intentional with my fitness.  My goal is to be able to account for at least 30 minutes a day of extra intentional movement.  Rowing and walking will be my mode of choice for movement.

For today – I did a pretty swift one hour rowing session with a friend. We went 2.85 miles in less than an hour, and according to Map My Run, it burned 395 calories.  457 if I had been Stand Up Paddling like my friend.

I will keep track of my daily exercise, and any nutritional changes or challenges and share them with you on Friday. 

If you’d like to learn more about our group – check out the Kick Off post Here: Kick Start Your Fitness .

There is a giveaway on The Legacy of Home, and rumors within our group of other giveaway opportunities as well.  I’ll keep you posted as we get sponsors. If you’d like to sponsor a prize, let me know!

So – I’ll be walking in my rain gear –


Rowing in  my Canoe, and


Walking in the Sand at the Beach!


My goal is not weight loss, but definitely to not have weight gain!

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6 Responses to Kick Start Your Fitness

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  2. Briana says:

    Great goals. I wish I could go for a walk with you. It’s freezing here and I had to walk inside today.

  3. Amiee says:

    You must live in a place where it is nice all year round. We have already had snow, and freezing cold temps, so no rowing a canoe or walking on sandy beaches here! LOL

    Visiting you from Molly’s team 🙂

  4. I am envious of your locale, lol! Glad to be a part of this group with you. :0)

  5. I plan on doing a good bit of walking as well – although, I probably won’t be walking on the beach. lol! This is going to be a fun journey together.

  6. Glad to be on this amazing journey with you! Blessings!

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