Down Stairs–Wanna See?


Not many people see our basement. Not even the guests that visit. No one ever wants to walk down these stairs! I think they had a ladder at one time, and painted them, then finished them. No railing, really narrow, at lest it has a light!  It leads down to our finished basement.  You may recall me lamenting over the flooding problems, now you can see “what” actually floods.  We spent time this week making sure it was “flood ready”, everything off of the floors, all tidy, ready for a squeegee. Last January, the entire basement was full up to about three or four inches. Winter Joy.



It’s a pretty large room. Nate’s Side of the room. We rent the home furnished, which is fun, the only downside is that it has So. Many. Beds.  All set up, we sleep about 15 people. Crazy right? We only have 4 . . .   Here is the new arrangement above. The mattresses are set up on their side on platforms. That corner is a bit high, so it usually only gets an inch of water. The little hallway there leads to the bathroom. There is a stand up shower stall in there, our only shower. We have a claw foot tub upstairs that we’ve used a couple of times. Generally, we all have to come down here once a day to rinse off. Winking smile 


Jon’s new digs. We took out the full size bed and put in a set of bunk beds. He likes sleep overs, but is a bit past the stage of wanting his friends on his same bunk. He set up a Lego and Nerf area, moved in his dresser (used to line the hall to the bathroom), and set up a DVD player in his room.


This is the East side of the wall, the water will pour into this far sw corner, and then move diagonally across the room, and out a crack in the other wall. If the crack fills with debris, not good. It’s happened twice each winter. This past winter, the owners put in a new draining system into the driveway. If it ever rains again in the Pacific Northwest, we’ll be able to see if it works. We need a good six or seven inch night rain to test it out. January’s coming. I’m excited.


The home was built in the 40’s, the basement being the original cabin built. It is made mostly of cement block and tile. Solid. The original cook stove is still down here. Oh how I wish it it was connected to the chimney!!! There is a chimney hole right behind it, and the oven is in really nice condition. The White Dresser was down stairs already, we use it as a medicine cabinet.  There is a door next to the TV stand, the bucket under is our Life Jacket Station. We have one at each door so visiting kiddos always have quick access to a life preserver!

So there is the basement tour! Feel special, as I said, even our visiting friends do not love the thought of those stairs!  Wish I had taken a few before and middle shots of the devastation that happens when you clean an area this size! I’m still doing laundry, thinking of opening an Etsy shop to sell Nerf bullets, Legos and bouncy balls. Anyone interested?

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  1. How frustrating to put up with flooding–our previous house had that problem but it was only in the garage. How nice to have all of that space though and to be able to sleep 15! I would love that much guest space:)

    P.S. I love that old cookstove, too, it’s so pretty:)

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