Intentional Fitness Week 2

How did y’all do this week with intentionally moving?

I have a video to share with you for some motivation this week:

Each day this week I have tried to

  • mosey around the yard for a while,
  • walk in the forest, or
  • accomplish an extra physical task in our home.

We completely re-arranged the basement, which involves moving around 3 sets of bunk beds and 3 queen/full beds. Whew.

P1020081This morning, Jon asked me to watch him pull the crawdad trap, and I was cozy in my PJ’s and said “later”. I watched him walk outside alone and remembered the 30 minute promise, and saw his sad face. On with my day clothes, and out to watch him. Since he had the canoe set up, I took it out for a spin in our little part of the lake. He asked me later why I didn’t go farther or longer. It gave opportunity to talk to him about moving for 30 minutes and how good it felt in my shoulders and arms to even do those 20 minutes.

P1020038Did you see my photo this week of me in Hubby’s boots? I purchased some work out gear today – a large pair of rubber boots just for me! Yep. First winter here I wore my wet suit booties to walk in, second year I wore my Teva’s, easier to wash off my feet than my booties. This year, I have been enjoying walking in the forests and along the streams. Also, with launching the canoe, I can get into the water farther with the boots to my knees without the need to put on my wetsuit each time. I know, most people get Nikes for work out gear. Not this girl. Ha!

I attended a Christmas Party and felt that I made good choices and had very small portions of the tasty treats. We’ve done well at home with the goodies also. My pants that I put on yesterday were very loose, so at least they aren’t getting tighter as December rolls through, which is my goal.

The Legacy of Home

Are you checking out the other members of The Fitness Team? They are getting some amazing sponsors to give away prizes on their blogs. You’ll want to check it out. I’ll update their links as I get them, but you may click on their home pages on Fridays and probably find this week’s post. #fitnesskickoff is the key in Twitter to find the posts!

The Fitness Team:

If you have a product that you would like to promote this month to our group of several thousand readers, please contact me, or Mrs. White at Legacy of Home


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12 Responses to Intentional Fitness Week 2

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  3. Go lady! Blessings to you!

  4. Briana says:

    I’m trying to figure out how I already commented on this post.

    Great week! Looser jeans, yes!

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  7. Your photos are always beautiful, Angie. Thank you, you’re inspiring me to try to find some more kid friendly places out of doors.

  8. Briana says:

    What a beautiful place to get some exercise. I need to focus more on the beauty in my part of the country.

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  10. You did a wonderful job this week! I love where you get to walk, and the pictures are beautiful!

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  12. Mrs. White says:

    I am so proud of you! You are doing a fabulous job! Your pictures are inspiring. Your words are motivating and make me want to enjoy the great outdoors.

    Mrs. White
    The Legacy of Home

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