Beach Combing Time!



I thought I’d share a few of the items that got rescued from pockets before entering the dryer this week.  I am lounging in bed early this evening, listening to a wind storm move the trees around the house.  Pretty loud with these old wooden hinged windows! But – it brings joy to my heart, knowing that the sand is getting ripped away, – where does it get moved to? – and that the rock beds below will be revealed!!!  There are many places that have already been stripped of summer’s deposits.


You can tell what my family members like by the piles that get created. Sea Glass is always a top hitter. Followed by Petrified Anything. I think the piece below is wood, but the marks on it makes me think it is bone. It is really light.



Not picking up near as many agates as in year’s past. These are clear to carnelian, lots of honey. We like pattern, shape, size.


Someone must be collecting the white marble this year. These are not quite yellow, not quite white.


Nate says he is looking for blue and green this year.


Hard to tell, but this is a seed. Darren’s Mama brings them from the Gulf of Texas, and we found this one on our beach. Hubby picked it up as a reminder of his mama.


We don’t pick up a lot of shells, there really aren’t many of them. We like the Olive Seed ones there on the right best.



Quite a bit of debris is on the beach – Golf Balls, Flip Flops, Sand Toys, Bottles, Tires,  – and our favorite – Floats. This one is a tiny fishing float, the more different, the more we like it.



Well, there ya have it. We’ll soon be moving from Pockets to our Peanut Butter Whachamacallit Jars.

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1 Response to Beach Combing Time!

  1. There are some very beautiful rocks and sea glass in your collection. I love that you got them wet for the photos because they are always so much prettier that way. I found a great rock last week on our hike at the river and it is really boring dry on the shelf.
    I enjoyed your post a lot…ready for some beachcombing myself!

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