Checking in from the Great Pacific Northwest Storm Center



Well, Ya’ll should know by now, that a good storm just means a good time for us at Petra School! We went through a 24 hour time of no power in the house  – which quickly turned into Camp Mil Mar (The name of our home as depicted by the sign by the mailbox).  The boys invited a friend over who was home from his school being cancelled.  Hauled up the camping gear that could be used in doors.  Setup a propane cooking center with plenty of ventilation. Worked on our friend’s homework and shared our music and composers  art and geography study with him. Played an entire round of Phase 10 together. We listened as the winds howled.  Moving over the lake with the force and sound of a freight train, we just kept our relaxed style rolling. Reported winds of 110 miles per hour near us on the coast.  We have 3 miles of lake for the wind moving up from the south to sock it to our home.  Lots of limbs down, manageable flooding, and a few times of emptying the gutters.

Today we got suited up in our best rain gear – wet suits – to remove debris that had kicked up, fixed our boat that had flooded, (small craft easy fix), and surveyed the flooding at the dock. Once we were wet – we really had no option but to surf the waves coming in, right?  I didn’t have a paddle board, but Jon made due with a borrowed board. He didn’t like wearing the hoodie in the ocean, I think he thought they didn’t look cool.  Wow. He quickly changed his mind today!


All in all, we stayed warm, dry and had fun.  Dad is off today, the boys are playing Black Jack out front. I realized that some of the Addition Sets are not coming quickly in our math with so much emphasis with Multiplication Sets this year. A few rounds of being the dealer, and he’ll be up to snuff.  Lots of damage in Oregon and Washington as this storm surged over our states.  Keep those in prayer that were not so lucky!


Lake Level this Morning and Rising all day as streams fill the lake. Below- Remember this shot? From last month? The water has filled the sandbox, is up to the edge of the yard, and up to the edge of the dock. In 1 day of Rain.  Wowza.


A little YouTube of the wave action – not huge crashing waves today, just rolling and thick.

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2 Responses to Checking in from the Great Pacific Northwest Storm Center

  1. Sara says:

    Hang in there! Been there (sort of) with our Hurricane experiences…So black jack as a teaching tool! LOL – might have to try that one!

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