Almost Wordless Winter Wonderland Tour



Day one – we were happy to wake up to some white – all hail – this was Sunday – disappointed we weren’t included in the Snow – but glad for white.

(Hate to jump ahead to Friday – but see the water level? The dock right now is completely under water, and you can’t tell that we even have a sand box. . . .)


This is Monday – Woke up to a couple of inches and still snowing!



This is our Year Long Tree Study tree- the Red Alder – I finally have a “Winter Photo” that looks like winter!


And the sun comes out – Glorious. Breathtaking beauty!


Boogie Board Sledding followed by Mountain Kayaking.


I need a steeper hill he says, I know one says Jon – . . . . . . . .




Hey – as a side note, I don’t think I’ve shown this view of the house before. Note the space between the house and the hedge? The hedge is over my head? Under the deck is the only “garden” space we have. . . .The sun has about 1 hour to hit it each day in the afternoon – we are working on gardening ideas for next year. I give up trying to grow veggies down there. However, our property owners have done an amazing job of filling the space with low maint beautiful plants.  . . . um, on with the snow. . . . .(must be seed catalog time when a girl can look at a snow picture and picture zucchinis.)


Brave Jon’s first run.  We got out the air pump, filled the kayak, and they sledded/kayaked for over an hour.


Two videos, a 12 second Kayak Run and a very short Snow Man Iceberg. . .

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2 Responses to Almost Wordless Winter Wonderland Tour

  1. Sara says:

    I agree! The clouds are reflected in the lake – stunning! The other photos look fun too! How about some container gardening?

  2. The one with the blue sky is breathtaking! Needs to be framed.

    Looks like fun…we are just getting rain which I am grateful for.

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