Practice, Observation, Repetition

Momentum. Jon and I talked of Momentum just last evening while thinking of a Physics Course from Bright Ideas Press. Comparing two objects – in motion – the heavier of which moves faster, with more force, is harder to stop. Thinking of the two objects – and what it takes to get them into motion – the tracks created to keep them going. A bowling ball and a tennis Ball? A bicycle up hill or down? Jon mentioned the longboard with different wheels.

I am seeing this momentum build at different rates between the two boys.  With the 3 years age difference, the maturity levels are starting to separate farther apart. Jon still on the end of the Grammar Stage – emerging into the Logic; Nate well into the Logic Stage emerging into the Rhetoric. Jon still likes me to sit by his side – Nate does more when left alone with a question to ponder and resources to dive into.  I feel that force – of momentum- pulling their learning beyond what I set before them – into the thinking. Their own thoughts, results, ways of finding it. It is both extremely exciting, overwhelming and a bit fearful to me all at the same time.  Hard to explain.

One area that has caught my eye, more so last year than this,  is their level of wanting to know something – finding the answer, then tossing it aside.  A quick glance – like a drive through meal compared to a suit and tie sit down dinner. Wondering how to encourage them to make the reservations for the finest eating establishments – and to not order fries when they get there.

Music, Nature, Science, Math, Literature, Writing, Photography, Biology – They dabble, explore, discover, and move on. But this momentum – I see it growing, when once engaged in a topic – it overtakes their thoughts, activities, desires – to know deeper levels, more discussion, more writing, more.  Momentum. And I sigh a breath of relief. That I listened to “those who had gone before” and trusted that if we put forth the most interesting of questions and supply them with the most rich and inviting tools – that their curiosity would take over – farther than I could have forced them to reach.

I see the open door this year of the Notebooking style of learning, vs the Read This, now fill in the blanks to make sure you read what I wanted to you read. I am seeing the wider thoughts.  Last week – I had Nathan use a worksheet resource for his music composer learning.  A couple of days later, I asked about the training and lack of college of the composer and he couldn’t remember. He said – “I just did what you asked – to fill out the form, I didn’t really read it.” Lesson learned for this teacher. Any time I ask an open question, peek their curiosity, twist it into a challenge – they both far exceed what I would expect – in research, retention, and conversations days or weeks down the road.

I sat down this morning to share our music and art studies – and got off on a bunny trail – I’ll close this post for now, and switch back over to music – thanks for listening to me – as I ponder outloud – this crazy road of learning, teaching, discipline, guiding, etc etc.

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