Seasonings Cupboard Redo

Many of you may know
that I have a bit of an
OCD with storage.
Remember my baking cupboard?

Well, I’ve been waiting to do something similar with my spice cupboard, but have not been able to find a set of the spice containers at a garage sale or thrift store. I’ve been waiting for years. . . . And Then, This weekend I was at Bunco and a friend had a set of tiny canning jars with hand written labels for her spices. I thought. . . YES!

P1030789I had to get 4-5 spices refilled, so I went to the natural food store, then to our local mart for jars, then home to play!!! I saw a similar idea on Pinterest, using printed labels or chalk paint, I went with my friend’s idea – with Sharpies.



I like to keep my spices in order according to food type, Italian, Asian, Mexican, Every Day etc. Hubby used the system tonight to season some potatoes and he commented several times on how easy it was to find the spice, and how he liked the hand written labels. Could be “Day before VDay” love, but he was really happy with the cupboard change. Wish I had taken a true before photo. I threw out all of the old jars and lids. Several of them have been refilled for years. I think my jars cost me about $6.00 total, 24 jars, I had one left over, and used a couple of the wide mouth pint jars on hand. LOVE. Someday soon, I’ll quit sneezing.

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2 Responses to Seasonings Cupboard Redo

  1. Wow! How ambitious! I just use the jars the spices come in, but I’m with you on organizing by use. I keep baking spices, Italian, and Mexican and Asian in groups on lazy susans in my cupboard. Your spices look lovely there in the jars – like an apothecary!

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