Starting My Morning–While the Coffee Perks



This guy flew by the window a few times, enough to find the camera and click a picture of his tail feathers. This was actually a couple of days ago – but it was on the card this morning. This is taken out the window by the TV.



Took a little 3 mile canoe trip with friends last evening, in the rain, – 2.85ish rather. Love the Red Rocket!








The view from the coffee pot. It’s a miracle we ever get any math done around here.


The view of the floor by the coffee pot – Paddles, Life Jackets, Booties, Machete, Gutter Cleaner, Fire Work Launcher? Ooops. Must be the neighbor’s.




Went into the living room to find a large flock (15+) of Chestnut Backed Chickadees on the bush by the birdseed. I’ve seen 2-3 chickadees on the tree above the house, but never on the deck!

P1030770  P1030771

Of course, the pictures really can’t show you the dramatic drastic changes in light, color, clarity, fog, dense, etc etc etc.  Ok. Back to setting up the Chemistry Experiment – or Launching the Red Rocket. . . We’ll see. . . .

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1 Response to Starting My Morning–While the Coffee Perks

  1. I love watching the light shift, and the clouds roll in – great photos! Especially like your chickadees with a brown back – very different from our black-capped and Carolina chickadees!

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