Family DVD Giveaway – The Mighty Macs!

Looking for something to watch? How about a fun family film at home?  Our family watched The Mighty Macs on Friday Night and we really enjoyed it! A great family film, about teamwork, working your hardest, historically about a real female college basketball team, an all around great film! This film is now released on DVD! AND – I have a copy to give away on my blog this week!!! Leave a Comment and we will draw a name on Friday!


It’s 1971. Cathy Rush is a woman ahead of her time … and she’s about to embark on an adventure for the ages. A new era is dawning in the country and in collegiate athletics, where a national champion will be crowned for the first time in women’s basketball.

In the lead up to this historical season, major universities are preparing their game plans to win that first title. Meanwhile a tiny all-women’s Catholic college in Philadelphia has a more modest goal: find a coach before the season begins. Providentially, Cathy Rush is about to find Immaculata College.

Recently married, Cathy is dealing with the aftermath of a truncated playing career. While cultural norms would have her staying at home, she’s willing to do the hard work necessary to help her new team reach their goals—or perhaps she’s just trying to achieve her unfulfilled dreams through them.

From the beginning, her challenges are as imposing as the big-school teams Immaculata will face on the court. Cathy learns there is no gymnasium on campus, she receives little support from the school’s Mother Superior, and the school is in dire financial straits. To top it off, she may not even have enough players to field a team!

While it appears the Macs don’t have a prayer, all hope is not lost. With the help of Sister Sunday—a spunky assistant coach—and the support of a booster club of elderly nuns, Coach Rush creates a new game plan that just might bring the team—and the school—together.

Will this pioneer buck cultural norms and spur her rag-tag team to unexpected heights? Or will her hard-driving ways create a wedge between the coach and everyone around her? One thing’s for certain: there’s never been anyone like Cathy Rush at Immaculata!

Disclaimer – I received a free DVD of The Mighty Macs from Propeller  in the hopes that I would share this film with my readers.  I recommend this film for any age. I’m not sure that really young kids would sit through the whole film at a theater, it is geared towards an older story/drama audience. The only scenes that I can think of that a couple of my friends might not appreciate is that the female coaches to a bar late at night and drink a beer after practice, or as hubby said, technically held a beer, they never drank it, and the wife is definitely outside of her husband’s authority or desire for her to have this job.
I personally really enjoyed the whole movie.

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11 Responses to Family DVD Giveaway – The Mighty Macs!

  1. Cori Cox says:

    Pick me, pick me, I really want to see this movie!!

  2. brooke says:

    This sounds great! Why have I never heard of it? I live under a rock. But it sounds so enjoyable. 🙂

  3. Rosemary Hart says:

    I was a student at Immaculata during the time The Mighty Macs reigned. The Macs were my classmates (in high school as well) and friends, and I sang at quite a few of their weddings! This movie is the story of my life too. Please let me win this free copy. It would me the world to me and my family.

  4. Kim Kelly says:

    My mom would love to see this movie, I’m sure she’d watch it over and over..

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  6. Ben S. says:

    Sounds like an awesome movie that my family would enjoy watching! Thanks for giving us the heads-up on this movie, and the opportunity to possibly win!

  7. Jessica says:

    We’d love to watch this. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Diana says:

    The Mighty Macs sounds like just our kind of movie! I’d love to win. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  9. We haven’t seen this but would love to…AND win it! Thanks for the giveaway Angie! =)

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