World of Science


Nathan’s science assignments this week –

  • Looking up Chemistry in Nature,
  • Make a poster showing chemistry at work in nature,
  • and complete a Lab (aka Science Experiment) that relates to Chemistry in Nature.  

He took some time studying about venom in snakes and dart frogs, and then moved towards his Lab.  When we were using the World of Science book for our Encyclopedia work, we noticed that there were science experiments in the back.  One of the experiments was about Atmospheric Pressure being displayed  through figure burning oxygen.

Nathan understood the instructions enough to perform the experiment on his own. This was a timely experiment with our Biblical studies as well. On Sunday, our talk was about void – or the fact that God did not design nature to have voids.  Our reference was from Matthew 12:43-45 urging us to fill our hearts and minds once we’ve “swept it clean”. Anyways – the fire uses the oxygen, and the water rises. Nate realized that colored water makes it easier to see the change, and experimented with different size jars to see if it would change how high the water rose. He measured the jar to see if the percentage of oxygen in the glass matched the amounts on the chart – and it did! (Jon was making his own poster in the background of the photo for his molecule study).




Our science studies have had us using a collection of science dictionaries and encyclopedias. We’ve also had to look up items on line – especially for the phrase “Chemistry in Nature.”  What a joy it is to have a resource like World of Science that just gives us the facts based on scripture dates and origins. It is amazing how the evolutionary theory seems to be stated in every single topic we look up in other books.

Here is a link to our experiment on a quick 18 second video:


If you are looking for a great Science Encyclopedia that also has experiments for hands on learning as well – I highly recommend World of Science!

The World of Science

The World of Science explores God’s creation all around us, from the furthest star in the Universe to the smallest atom under our feet. Through six accessible sections, children will gain an understanding of the importance of science in our ever-changing world. This book brings a fresh and engaging approach to all aspects of the subject, while a final section of practical activities and experiments makes the application of science fun and enjoyable.


  • Over 800 illustrations and photographs
  • Includes over 60 science experiments
  • Ideal for home reference and school project work

8 1/2 x 11 • 256 pages • Casebound * The World of Science *  9780890516188 *  $24.99

I received a free copy of World of Science from New Leaf Publishing Group. We really enjoyed this book!  You may order a copy from New Leaf Publishing Group!

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  1. Blossom says:

    Great review! I love this book. 🙂

  2. Two posts in a row reviewing resources that I’ve been considering! Really, really helpful!

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