Christian Kids Exploring Physics

When I heard that we could review an item from Bright Ideas Press – I was on board!  We have continued to enjoy WonderMaps and A Young Scholar’s Guide to the Composers, items from Bright Ideas Press.  This time around – we choose Christian Kids Explore Physics. 

P1060295We received the New Second Edition and CD, a value of $39.95.  For our review – we were given a download copy.  I do not see that it is available on the site – but I would recommend it, should it become available!  The text is so clear using Adobe Reader. I can see the need for the CD, as you may print simple pages of charts, planning pages, supply lists, etc – quite easily. If you had a hard bound book, it would be harder to scan and print pages for multiple children.


I had the book downloaded to my Computer in the Dining room, our Laptop, the Kindle, and the Kindle App on the iPod.  Download was simple and quick.  I think this helped us, with our approach to the program.  I also printed out the sheets for the first two lessons, and then just read them off of the iPod.



Our first reason for choosing the Physics as our first choice – was due to the Magnetism Lesson.  Asking the Question – What is Physics, no one in our family could give a quick answer.  We read the Lessons out loud as a family in the mornings. The reading and content was a bit too simplistic for my 8th grade son.  He listened in and commented, but continued on in his Chemistry Class. My 11 year old son, 5th grade – this was very simple to read, to understand, and to answer questions.

For our Charlotte Mason Style of learning – We had to tweak this program just a bit.  We used the book as a tool, a resource, an encyclopedia of sorts.  The text, in and of itself, did not lead the three of us to ponder further questions. It is a ‘telling’ book, instead of a ‘asking’ learning tool.  The idea to read the text, and then fill in the blanks of what you just read, doesn’t fit with our learning style. However, if you are not a hands on science mom, the simple worksheet would help you know if your child has completed their work, and the child would not be over-taxed in the doing of it.  I would suggest to cull out books and videos from the library. We watched quite a few videos from our own school library, and from the town’s library resources. We checked out a mound of books on Physics, and had many Science Experiment books available.

I will continue to read through this book with my 11 year old, once a week, on the couch, relaxed style. If it does draw up questions, we’ll pursue them.

Our bottom line – if you have the change to obtain this resource – it would make an excellent addition to your library!  If you are a Charlotte Mason learner – then you will already know how to use this tool to fit your needs. If you are a teacher, looking for a great science resource, and you are science shy, and have no idea how to approach physics with your 4th – 8th grade student – I would recommend this as a solid choice!

Christian Kids Explore Physics sells for $39.95.

Sample Pages
Sample Lesson 18
Sample Lesson 19

Disclaimer – I received PDF downloaded copies of the 2nd edition Physics book and Resource CD for free as a part of The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew. I am asked to use the product in my home and then share that experience with you.  I am not an affiliate with Bright Ideas Press. If you would like to see how other families with different age children and learning styles experienced not only this program, but Biology, Chemistry and Earth & Space, please spend some time at the TOS Blog – scroll towards the bottom to view a linky list of over 65 reviewers!

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  1. Great review, Angie. I’m no where near physics, but I enjoy the read; you always catch my attention when I come here.. Blessings to you.

    Love.. Tanya

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