Amazing Science–a Review

I’m happy to introduce you to Science and Math . Com today!  We were able to review the Science DVD Set. The boys popped it into the DVD as soon as we received it.  They eagerly started picking and choosing which videos they wanted to watch.  The videos created conversation with the boys.  The man on the video is engaging and easy to listen to. He is informative, but allows for thought while the experiment is going on. He reminds us about safety. The boys are taking Physics and Chemistry right now, and these videos really helped out our lessons. We have been on a quest for Science Project Experiments – these experiments are really great. Especially, if you are a teacher that does not have a bent towards science, this DVD will do the ‘experiment’ work for ya! Be careful though, after the WOW factor, your students may jump up from their seats demanding to try it out and see if it was trick photography or real!

Their favorite was the Milk experiment, separating molicules, mostly because we had been talking about it in their science class. it was REALLY cool to see this in action.

P1050926P1050930P1050931 produces award winning Science Experiment Videos and Math Tutorials that anyone can learn from!


Amazing Amazing Science! - Volume 1Science! – Volume 1 At A Glance:

  • 2 DVD Set!
  • 23 Experiments!
  • Easy to Perform and Learn From!
  • Multiple Cameras!
  • Explanations of Every Concept!
  • Heat, Electricity, Magnetism, Chemistry, Physics, & More!

View Science Experiment Videos like how to  Build a Lemon Battery .

Chapter Index and Detailed Descriptions on the Website.

  • 2 DVD – $19.95
  • Download – $17.95/No Shipping Fees

Disclaimer:  I received the 2 DVD set in the mail for free from ScienceandMath.Com in exchange for using it in my home and telling you about our honest experience.  I received this review as part of my tour on The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew. We are SUPER picky about voices on Books on Tape and DVD Tutors – and I would tell it straight if the actor messed up the content of the class. This teacher/actor/person really made the lessons pop. If you’d like to hear how my crewmates used this DVD in their learning times, please join us at The Crew Blog!

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  1. Wendy says:

    Hi Angie! I think I’m a G+ “follower” of yours, but I’m not really sure. If I’m not, will you please let me know how to do it? 🙂 I loved your post! My kids don’t necessarily love science, so a fun DVD like this might be great for them! I wasn’t on the list to review this product, so I’ll have to look into buying it. My kids love experiments, and that always seems to get them excited. Glad you liked the product and can recommend it to the rest of us! Hope you have a blessed week!

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