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cache_220_220_jr-high-book-half-sheetI’d like to introduce you to a company, We Choose Virtues.

I asked for a product to share with you, and the company sent me their Youth Mentor Products.  They sent me a Youth Virtue Journal, a downloadable Mentor Handbook, and a Poster.

I have a friend who works at an after school program, a place in a small town, non faith based, where kids may come and hang out, get help with homework, and have a safe environment.


cache_220_220_Jr-high-mentor-handbookWe went over the products together, to hear from her voice, her need, and her experience with kids.  One thing that is great about this product for Virtues, is that it can be used in a community non faith based environment. How do you work with kids, who have not had adult mentors speak into their lives? How do you say, be nice, be good, quit messing up?  How about saying  be Attentive, Honest, Content, Obedient, Forgiving, Perseverant, Gentle, Helpful and Respectful?  The journal helps the youth, aged 12-18 to work through what these words mean played out in daily life. The simple journal entries hold them accountable to giving examples of where they exercised these new skills. It is meant to be learned one on one with an adult mentor.


cache_220_220_Jr-high-poster (1)Why Choose Virtues

Let’s be honest, instilling virtues in kids is hard work. But can it be fun too? We think so. In fact, there’s no better way to learn. So We Choose Virtues brings memorable catchphrases, endearing characters, and just plain fun to simply inspire character that lasts. It’s the best choice you can make for the kids in your life. – From the Website


To me, the perfect situation would be able to mentor a youth, telling them about the Love of Christ, walking with him as he puts his faith and trust in the Lord, and then mentoring him as he plants the seeds and fertilizes the fruit of the Holy Spirit.  From reading the We Choose Virtues Story, I can see their hearts would agree. But this is a next best thing if you are working in an environment with kids that does not allow you to speak The Word into their lives. If you’d like to see details of how to use this tool, click over to their website.

Disclaimer: I received this set for free and donated it to a local afterschool program in exchange for a review on my blog. I asked to receive the product to share with you, as I have heard great things about it.

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2 Responses to We Choose Virtues

  1. Lexi says:

    Wow! This looks neat! I’ve been looking for a character curriculum and just recently found this program. I would be using the younger levels. Have you seen any of those products or has the crew reviewed them? I need to check.

    • pebblekeeper says:

      Yes, with the graphics and introductory content, I would say the main part of their program is suited to younger children. The Crew did review last year and several of my bloggy friends have continued to spread the news since. I have only heard good reports from people using this tool.

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