Wanna tour of our messy home?

We were selected as one of the families to share our “Schoolhouse” on The Old Schoolhouse Magazine this year! This has been in the works since last Fall, so I’ve been super excited about it!

We had an especially crazy spring with snow twice and constant rain.  There is a video that you may click on after the first paragraph, that will give you a tour of walking through the upstairs of our home.  It was taken between rain storms, and right after a damaging snow storm, hard to video blog for a June magazine this winter! Thinking of video taping a re-do to show you our gorgeous June Yard all manicured! 

I’m delighted with the way it turned out  – I hope you will be too!  Thanks for reading!

Direct Link to our Article: Show and Tell, June 2012, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

10 Days In Europe – mentioned in the article – gets used A LOT around here. Almost weekly with our Middle Ages study!  You may find it at Timberdoodle! Best Geography Game EVER!!!! We have 10 Days in the USA also!

Oh- and we were studying “Catkins” – Not “Catskins”.  Hubby giggled when I said – and lets see what’s out in the Learning Library – his remark?  “Oh I know, BBQ Cat”. No, Sorry. No cat was skinned in the making of this movie.  Catkins, as in Pussywillows. I just couldn’t quit saying Catskins and Cattails that day!  The Learning Library is all back to being beautiful now too! I think we found a local camp to donate the piano!

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2 Responses to Wanna tour of our messy home?

  1. How fun is that! Thanks for sharing your home/school with us! Great job!

  2. I’m so thrilled that you were selected for this project, Angie! Congratulations! And the BBQ cat is priceless. Ha!


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