Life and Beauty in the High Desert


Some may claim that our Nature Photos are fantastic because we live in God’s Green Country here in the Pacific Northwest. That’s true, on the average day – I do have an advantage. However, there are many folks who live in the Northwest who do not take the time to observe the details around them. I know I didn’t, before studying nature with the boys. We just walked by it. ;


Even if one is in the desert – there is life and color all around. Beautiful landscapes. animals, desert blooms, sunsets – oh my the sunrises and sets, ; – plenty – if one is willing to observe. This little fellah above, I spotted on the way to a cowboy style outhouse in the middle of the high desert during the boy’s Central Oregon Sport Shooting Association’s Youth Safari Challenge. He was surrounded by all of the rapports of the gun fire – yet still hanging out. He must have felt safe knowing we were still 15 miles away from a Sub shop and smelling the outdoor fire grills full of burgers and sizzling onions. Winking smile


This little desert plant caught my eye in the parking area. Only a few tablespoons of rain are needed to get blooms going out here! ; I had my handy field microscope – the Discovery Scope – in my car, so I whipped it out, hunkered down in the sand, and spent a few minutes playing with it.


Although I did get the hang of the Discovery Scope – I have not quite mastered the photography part – they do sell a stand to help with micro photography – but for now, you’ll just have to trust that what my shaky coffee infused fingers could capture is a lesser image than the detail of what my eye could see!




Fantastic! ; Folks were walking by to the ending ceremonies asking why I was digging in the dirt like a child. ; Jon walks by with a group of boys and I heard him ask Nathan – “What’s mom doing in the dirt?” ; Nate says – “Looking at something.” It was weird, such a quick response, but such a sure one, in a voice inflection that said “Duh” and “Of Course” all at the same time.

May I always find something to look at.

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  2. Amen to that. Keep looking!

    Love your post. 🙂

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