Larkspur Park: Central Oregon High Desert


Take a walk with me? The boys are playing with friends at the park, and I had to um, use the facilities, and heard a song in a tree that was unfamiliar – and got distracted. Walk with me. . . . Yellow Somethingernothers up in the tree. Maybe  dozen of them.


Purple Finch ya think?



Junipers, Baby Ponderossas, Sage, Wow. Can you just Smell that?
(cough wheeze sneeze – oh, don’t smell too deep! Juniper does it to me!)


A little canal runs through here – this is the BEST spot to get tiny frogs, just emerged from tadpoles, not this early – but come by later!


Wonder what’s in the water? Glad I have my handy dandy Discovery Scope!
Not a lot moving, I hear the boys – Better head back.




The birds in Central Oregon were so much more accommodating!
I’ve been trying to get this shot since we studied Robins earlier this spring!


And this fellah – House Sparrow!  Hi! I’ve been looking for you too!


Gathered Ponderosa and Juniper to play with back at the benches with the moms. Barb, Phyllis, and Tricia – Get off the slide and come over here. I think we lost Eva when she found a letterbox by the Juniper.





I didn’t get a good shot, but wasn’t it fascinating that each tiny nodule on a juniper branch looked like a tiny piece of crusted sap up close?  If we lived here, I’d have to investigate that further. Silly wind kept blowing our specimens around and the Husbands have been rambunctious playing chase with the boys. What a Wonderful Afternoon Together!!!!



Get used to seeing this little fellah in my posts when I’m outside – I’ll be doing a full informational /experiential opinionated Schoolhouse Review later this week – but here’s a preview of the box . . . . .


Time for Dinner – See ya next time!

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The Transparent Thoughts of an Unschooling Family of Boys - Answering the question - What DO you DO all day?
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