Iris – –Which turned into our Ending Exam

Buttercup White Edges

Sometimes – the thing we talk about the most in our Nature Studies – are the objects that we didn’t find on the day of our intentional walk. Like the buttercup – above. We found the plant, but not the flower. Now, every time we go out – the boys point it out, like a prize. Each time, there is a change in the plant – and now they can notice it – today’s  joy-  the white developing around the edges. I have never noticed this detail before.

Buttercup with Purple Flowers


Iris 1Iris double bloom


Mom – I HAVE to show you something! Do you know how the video showed that one bloom dies before another starts to open? Do you remember how we saw the yellow Iris at the lake only had one bloom? I found an Iris that has two full blooms!

Iris lavendar white

Pale Lavender, Almost White, to the darkest of Purples and Blues, Yellows –
Many varieties!


Jon’s new favorite flower above.


A whole trail of Buttercups, left to the side, by the vegetation compost piles.
Beautiful – and teaming with life! The boys left a patch to grow in our yard too on the last mowing day.

Buttercup pollination

Lots of discussion on Pollination while looking at this patch.

mullein in bloom

“Mom! Is this why you didn’t want us to pull that ‘weed’? Is this one of those Mullein plants? This is so cool its about to bloom, and you can see. . . . .” and on and on he went being able to “see” our study on Mullein from this winter. Although it is ideal to have the object to observe, we have found joy learning about the object and then knowing it, like an old friend, when we find it!

( I didn’t get perspective right in this photo, maybe it’s the shorts and sweatshirt, but Nate is topping six foot tall, and this Mullein is pretty close too!)



Dogwood? Do they double flower? The white flower, and then the seed, and then these yellow pink flowers? or did it flower again? Curious.

Iris white


One of these times I’ll have to put a recorder in my pocket to get one of their conversations. We are working towards having end of year exams for the boys, most of them are completed verbally before I ever get to making up an exam sheet. I am always thrilled to hear them recap the seasons’ learning – I try not to jump up and down – I’m pretty calm on the outside.


When we knew we would study the Iris, we knew we had to head to our favorite garden in town, the Connie Hansen Garden. It is my favorite place for  a quiet nature stroll. You may read the history on the Garden’s Website – she choose this spot specifically to plant her favorite plant in – Iris.





Jon was thrilled that one of the caretakers let him have a bamboo pole.








What you can’t hear during our walk is the soundtrack going in the background. We are a block from the Pacific Ocean, the waves are roaring. The garden is so full of warblers and other birds, their voices compete with each other – after the garden we walked down to look at the beach –


I like this kid. He’s starting 9th grade officially this month. He’s just a fine young man, a joy to have in my home and family – a joy to learn with. I look forward to learning with him the next 4 years and beyond.  Teen boys are Awesome.



OHC – Iris Study Challenge

Petra School – Iris and Pollination Study

Charlotte Mason Style Exams

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5 Responses to Iris – –Which turned into our Ending Exam

  1. Teen girls are awesome, too! I love hanging with my girls at home. Would love to be a part of your nature study, though, too! I can tell that you’ve really, really learned a lot this year!


  2. This is filled with such awesomeness! I want to jump in the car and come visit right now…to see all your beautiful flowers and hang out with your boys. 🙂

    I like Jon’s new favorite flower too…it is one that my dad has in his garden and he says it is a Peruvian Lily but here is a link to what I think it really is:
    I want to get one for my back garden.
    Love reading all about how your nature study is going…and that you found mullein in bloom!

  3. Great post as usual! It was fun reading your article in the TOS June issue too!

  4. This is a lovely post. How nature study impacts on all aspects of life is amazing, isn’t it? And the level and maturity about it does grow. It is a wonderful thing to see. And yes, teen boys are awesome. I have one about your son’s age and he is such a joy to me.

  5. Blossom says:

    That is really awesome! I love reading how you’re doing Nature Study. We’ve only just begun- wish we’d done it sooner! It’s the little things in life that turn into the big things, I’m telling ya! Great post- great photos- great, great, great. And you should jump up and down just a few times 😉

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