Book Reading Bonanza at the Beach!

Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story - DVDWe started off our Summer Reading Program last evening with a little movie on Netflix. Gifted Hands, the Ben Carson Story starts with a young boy who is unable to read – and leads us to his life as a neurosurgeon at John Hopkins. How books, the love of books – changed the path of his life. The dedication of a mom who saw that reading books would give her sons the education they wouldn’t get in the world in the 1960’s.  My boys were mesmerized by the movie, inspired to read.              Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story DVD.

In the summer months – for the chance to peek into the Treasure box, earn a free t-shirt, get their name on the wall, and for a glance at the smiles that our librarians freely administer – they will read more – in these two months – than they will read without learning requirements all year. I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing. . . . but they will read or listen to a book on tape, non stop til they get their books filled out.


Jon is in his own program, K-6. Once a week we will gather for family night, gather with friends, turn in our hours reading, and be encouraged to read more. Jon really likes the T-shirt this year.


Nate has his group for Teens on Thursday afternoons. They have amazing classes – like Henna, Duct Tape Creations, Ice Cream Parties and the like. Their prizes are donated by local businesses – and Man o Man do they go all out!  Meal tickets, coffee, pizza, water bottles, candy, books,  – crazy – and LOTS of them.  Turn in tickets, and get your name drawn – drawings each week. Volunteer hours at the library count towards tickets as well, and Nate really likes volunteering at the library!


So the boys are signed up, have their name written down on papers for the wall, have their first tokens of buttons, bracelets and rings, and are brimming with excitement to log their reading!  Here’s our closing post from Last Year – which reminds me – we downloaded a great App for their iPods that would help us with tracking books and hours. Reading Log was worth the $3.99 to us!

I titled this Book Reading Bonanza – at the suggestion of my friend over at Wonder in the Woods Bonanza – a source, usually sudden and unexpected, of luck or wealth, or a Sudden Increase.  I look forward to the sudden and unexpected pockets of increase in the wealth of knowledge that may be found at our Driftwood Library!

Thanks for letting me share our Summer Reading. My Schoolhouse Review Crew buddies are linking up their Summer Reading posts, click on over and be inspired! By the way, Wonder in the Woods has been blogging about their reading adventures with the younger boys as well. . . .


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4 Responses to Book Reading Bonanza at the Beach!

  1. I haven’t seen Gifted Hands, but now I’m going to have to find it! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Lori says:

    That movie sounds great, I am going to have to put that in my que! My daughter loves our summer reading program and at the end they get a shirt and a swim party. Her theme is Dream Big too. Oh and the app is a great idea! I loved your point about the wealth of knowledge through books and therefore hope we all have a summer reading “bonanza.”

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  4. I just watched Gifted Hands not long ago. Super movie!!

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