Lincoln City Kite Festival 2012



As you can see, our mouths are full, not much to say, except that this year just seemed exceptional. Maybe it was the quiet rain pitter patter start?  It was fun to see all of our now familiar Kite Artists, watch the performances, participate in the kid activities, and just feel the warm sand on the feet and listen to the music. 




Still Crushin’ on Connor Doran – Nate made the rounds to get autographs, he earned a bag full of loot for checking in with 20 Kite Artists.  Many of them mentioned to me that we were ‘late’ (2:00) and that they always look for their favorite LC friends each year to come.  How sweet???  I did get to watch Amy and Connor perform, so beautiful!



Penny – the Real Pied Piper. We just love her!







And back home. The wind is blasting the house, waves in the lake, a downwinder from Regatta for sure!


Here is a very well done video from last year:

Kite Festivals We’ve Reported on:

Our first Kite Fest was in 2009 – We’ve tried to go to them twice a year with the indoor fest each year.  Love Love Love kites.

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2 Responses to Lincoln City Kite Festival 2012

  1. We love the blogging you do and we are so happy you all come to Lincoln City! We are heading down to Brookings Oregon to perform at the Southern Oregon Kite Festival. This fest is a bit different, because it truly is an arena type kite show.. hope you can make it! Many from Lincoln City will be there.. plus some incredible artists and flyers from California and all over…. For more information go to and follow the link :
    Amy and Connor Doran

  2. Looks like so much fun! Wishing we were there. 🙂

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