Gadwall Ducks, Hedges and Canoes



I was working on the hedges, starting on the side facing the house. Turning the corner, I didn’t look out at the lake – just kept going down the row.  Finishing the first run down the line, pausing, I chance a view of the lake.


Ooooops. Bad move. I dropped my gloves and trimmer – ran up the stairs to get my paddle and life jacket, and hit the lake.


9 am in the morning – no wind.  Pretty amazing. Full blue sky. Sun over the eastern hills.


As I got out to my second check point, quite a few water ski folks had joined me. They churn up the water pretty good – but not too bad. The wind came up just a bit to give a nice cooling breeze.



Here’s our place – the lot next to us is empty with a spring and a run off river flowing through it.  The boys spend quite a bit of time in those woods.

gadwall duck lincoln city 1

I have been seeing these ducks, I think they may be Gadwalls?  Really pretty. Very shy. They have about 10 or so babies. 

gadwall duck lincoln city 2

gadwall duck lincoln city 3

gadwall duck lincoln city 4

orb spider web daisy

And the last one is for Tricia and Barb.  Pretty great Orb! Too bad there wasn’t a spider in the middle!

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The Transparent Thoughts of an Unschooling Family of Boys - Answering the question - What DO you DO all day?
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3 Responses to Gadwall Ducks, Hedges and Canoes

  1. Your ducks are just so sweet…you are lucky to have such adorable neighbors. 🙂

    Love the web and that you thought of me and Tricia…..heart you too!

  2. Angie, GREAT shot of the spider web!

  3. Love you spider web photo! You should post that on Outdoor Nature Hour’s Pinterest board! Your shots of the ducks amid the greenery are so close you can really see their markings!

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