Last bit of July



Lots of work on the plants on the deck. Birds are still loving the seeds.  Grosbeaks and the standard bird feeder varieties make looking out the window a joy!  Zucchinis and Tomatoes are coming on strong.


Jon got to participate in a party at the Blue Heron Marina.  They rented kayaks and paddle boats. A really fun way to spend the morning on the lake with your buddies for sure!



The marina has little cups of corn for the ducks and fish. The Carp seem to think this is a great idea. I gave up counting when I hit 50.



This morning on the lake – mama and her ducklings.



A great day to wake board!


That’s Jon out before 8. We have really nice neighbors!!!


Another family out on the lake in the morning  . . .



So – two mornings on the lake.  We’ve had a lot of fun in July – Swimming, exploring, bird watching.  We’re working on helping to create a 4H Surf club. It’s been my new obsession the past couple of weeks. I’m sure you’ll hear more about it in August.  Hubby had his lungs go through the ringer the past week with another infection, or maybe a dip into the last one still hanging on – but he is on the mend.  Looking forward to August – quite possibly my favorite month living on the lake!

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2 Responses to Last bit of July

  1. The lake looks super inviting for wakeboarding at that early hour. We went out last week in the evening and it was so refreshing.

    Love the mama and baby ducks!

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