Tillamook Water Trail Dedication


We call this little blue bug the Tricycle. Tricycle looks funny with a 14 foot Stand Up Paddle Board!  We drive up to Pacific City to participate in the dedication of the Tillamook Water Trails.  We found out from our friends at the Oregon Coast Today :  All Hail the Trail!  The Tillamook County Water Trail receives national recognition and you’re invited to the celebration . We might have to put the folks over at OCT on our homeschool staff for scheduling all of our field trips for us! Ha!


Met a lot of fun people – it was like being around my own kind!!! 




The parking lot was packed at 11 a.m.  Great Turnout!


PFD in a Bag – Pretty cool!



We traveled North up the river. The Red Laird Standup Board is borrowed from a neighbor. It’s 14 feet long.  Sort of a slow drag. Really REALLY stable. I even took off my wet suit booties up the water trail while on the board in a current. Oregon Surf Shop has quite a few boards – new and used – this is one of their used boards. Oh. The Stanley there is from the Oregon Surf Shop too. That’s one fast board Mr. Stanley!


Met some fun girls from Nestucca Adventures!



Fun crowd gathered to hear quite a few speakers – they were short and sweet!


On my way to put the camera in the car. Turns out I didn’t fall off the board all day, but didn’t want to take a chance. I’m looking for someone to post the photo of over 60 non motorized crafts in the water.

We went up the river over 3 miles  with the flow of the river. It was brackish all the way (mixture of salt and fresh water). Lots of floating seaweed and debris. I was a bit careful of my fin, so I didn’t go crazy fast. Going home was a bit hard til we hit slack tide around 2, then it was a lot easier! Glad to have paddled this water trail!

If you have photos of the vessels all together – please let me know!  pebblekeeper@gmail.com or http://wwww.facebook.com/Pebblekeeper  – Thanks!


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