Not Back To School–Photo Week

My two boys! Cell Phone Photos. From Monday this Week. They never seem to be around anymore when my camera is on my neck. They let me take a photo of their crabs – and I cheated. I am thinking that they will physically be less and less on the blog as well.


Jonathan – 6th Grade 
Jon is a daredevil, full of spunk, always going, always on. He is passionate. He is either 100% joyful with glee and enthusiasm, or 100% hurt or sad or empathetic for a cause. He is all in, or all out. Learns quickly, loves all things water – as you can see from the blog. He is passionate about people knowing Christ – and since he was small his first question at the park is – Do you Love Jesus? and still is. He’s shared Christ with many of his friends.

NateNathan 9th Grade.
Nathan is quiet, witty, goofy, and always thinking. 6’ 2”!  Not spontaneous, but once involved is involved 100%. He’s the watcher and learner. Sees how things go – then digs in. He is even in his personality – loyal, hard worker, always kind, always obedient. Once learned it is locked in, and he has a weird way of bringing up seemingly unrelated facts to make observations with. Always makes me pause. He’s a great worker – has several jobs around town for many people – our phone is ringing often to see if Nate can help on a job.

What’s weird – is that when Nate is home, he’s more reserved – and when he is with his friends he’s a crazy Junior High Guy (now to be crazy freshman). When Jon is at home is is a WILD child – and when he is in a group – he is a bit more shy. Weird.

Anyways – these are my students. Ying and Yang.  Black and White. Opposites. I am glad that God gave me both personalities!!!

FYI – Because everyone asks – My Dad and Darren’s Dad’s entire family are German off the boat. My Mom and Darren’s Mom are Native Americans. My Uncle – in law – is the Chief of his Tribe. My Mothers family lives on the reservation on their tribe. We tease that we got One lil German, and One lil Indian.

jon crab


nate crab

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3 Responses to Not Back To School–Photo Week

  1. Jennifer says:

    6’2 ninth grader! You might have to change that “lil’ Indian” label to something bigger. 😉 We have German and Indian ancestry too, and Irish, and more; I think I’m a melting pot. Cute kids and great crab catch. Even greater what you shared about your boys personalities.

  2. briana says:

    I love the differences in your sons. It’s so neat to see how genetics works out in real life. I have German in my background, thus a few blondies. Handsome boys!

  3. Huge crab! Love the photos of your boys!

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