Uncover Exciting History

I’m writing this morning to share an eBook I’ve been reading, “Uncover Exciting History”. To explain why I like it – I’d like to share where our need for it stemmed.

Last year about this time, I was really excited about a history curriculum that would guide us through US History. I prayed, prepped, planned, printed notebook pages, scheduled, prayed some more, and then put it into practice. We had a week of very short lessons, we were disciplined, and I felt somehow proud that our history program was operating smoothly.

As we would read the very short texts together, I would start to question the content. “Was that how that happened?” “Do you boys realize xyz was also involved?” “Do you know that abc had to happen first?” 

This went on until we were studying Thomas Jefferson. In 3-4 short paragraphs, they told us that he had acquired the Louisiana purchase from the French and he send two explorers out to explore it “as far as the Rocky Mountains” to see how the west could be expanded. It was called – The Voyage of Discovery. Hmmmm. Really? I actually looked up Voyage of Discovery to see if there were more than one – and this voyage was a bit different. I polled my friends to ask where their assumption would be that the “voyage” would end, and 99% said Colorado.

After a few more of these very tiny topic vague texts we became dissatisfied. It felt that we were doing it to do it. There was no spark. No extra questions, save for fixing inaccurate texts. We were cruising along tiny facts, but no wonder or learning.

So now let me share with you an experience this summer with Uncover Exciting History by Amy Puetz

I downloaded the book to my laptop and used Send To Kindle to quickly upload the book to my Kindle and the boys’ iPods.   There are 29 chapters “Recalling America’s Christian Heritage”.  We browed the easy to understand topics and choose to read Chapter 12 – “The Lewis & Clark Expedition”. The chapter is nine Kindle pages long.  In this short recap – we quickly read what Thomas Jefferson asked, “The object of your mission is to explore the Missouri river, and such principal stream of it, as, by its course and communication with the water of the Pacific Ocean may offer the most direct and practicable water communication across this continent, for the purposes of commerce.”  Well. That sounds a bit more accurate – and how hard was that to include his actual words?  We learn just enough about the trip to give an understanding of their journey, an yet, leaves parts open to trigger a curiosity.

What I REALLY like – is the Digging Deeper notes at the end of the story – a couple of follow up question and activities – Looking on a map, a quick study of the tribes, drawing a map, a game recommendation, a book recommendation, and a cook book recommendation. 

The story itself was well written, easy to read aloud, captivating, and fun. It was educational to the entire family.  I really like that it is a book that celebrates our Christian Heritage. It is hard to find texts written recently that focuses on truth without compromise for political correctness. Interested? Visit their site links below for the juicy details:



  • Printed Book – $18.95
  • Store at AmyPuetz.com – is offering a 20 % off sale through September 1, 2010 – click in to see the current pricing.


    Disclaimer – I received a free ebook from Amy Puetz
    as part of my time with the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for reading
    and using her book in my home
    and telling you about our honest experience.


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