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Have you started your math this year?  Depending on what curriculum you are using, you may be finding that your student needs a bit more drill work / practice work before moving on to the next topic. We found that in some areas of Algebra.  The text would move ahead quickly.  However, at this stage, you really don’t have Enchanted Learning or such to download cute free worksheets for a bit more practice. As the mom, who isn’t well versed in these upper grade classes – I’m not able to ‘create’ worksheets like I did when practicing Long Division. If this is your situation, I may have a solution. Professor Weissman’s Mathematics Software –  Math911.

Our Experience:

We went to the site and downloaded the free Pre Algebra Version. You too may go to the site, browse it over, and download the Introductory Algebra for free. There does seem to be a learning curve on how “easy” it is to set up. Thankfully their customer service is top notch, available, and quick answering questions for us busy moms.  I have enjoyed the enthusiasm from the helpful emails I have received. It took some brain power to follow the steps, for me, they went smoothly – but I did need to have time to think.

I started using the Math911 Intro Algebra Course.  I liked how simple the screen was and how few distractions were on the screen. I didn’t care for all of the colors, both on the website and on the software. I did like how the software downloads to the computer fully, and you do not need internet access. I was able to guide myself through the process of beginning a level and starting the practices.  If I didn’t get the answer correct, then the Solution would help trigger my memory of where I went wrong. Which was Often. Ha! I got a bit frustrated with the process of answering questions, using the mouse to keep going from the left side to fill in an answer, using enter to submit the answer, then the mouse on the right to click the next problem.  I would hope in newer versions the curser would automatically move to the next logical step, and you’d only need to reposition the cursor with the mouse if you were making a different choice, like Solution or Quit.

Based on my frustration level (which has a very low threshold for online learning) I wasn’t sure if my son Nate would enjoy the program.


Well – this is where we learn a few things, and I why I like to be  a reviewer.  If I based my opinion on the software on my 41 year old brain – my review would end poorly. Because I’m a blogger – #1 – my home stays cleaner – do you see that mess behind the computer? Ya don’t see things like that unless you blog . . . . OH. and #2 – part of The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew – is that we HAVE to USE the product. Not just form an opinion based on twirling it around in a cyber store.

Without giving Nate any instruction – I asked him to start the software and start the program.  I went on to work on a few projects in another room, expecting him to ask me starting questions – and then – actually – forgot what I had set him out to do. Sigh. Ya, my brain is like that.

I came back a while later – without giving him parameters on how long to use the product that day and he had completed 2 sections with all 100% answers. 

The online text for the program says it is easy and fun to use.  I think it is easy and fun for a 14 year old who loves math and computers.  He didn’t have any problem navigating the software. He and his dad were doing it together, and dad got about as many right as I did. That made me feel better.

I asked Nate what he would tell you guys and he replied, “If you need more practice this would be good. It’s not good for a kid on the first day of school! You need to know how to do the math, before you try this. It doesn’t really explain the how or why of the problem, just guides you through the solution.”

So that leads me back to my introduction paragraph. Bottom line for us – We see this as a solution to those kids who need a bit of extra practice and drill to cement it into memory.  My youngest son needs to look at many similar problems before it clicks on how to do them. My oldest needs to really understand the problem and then do very few to have it memorized.





So the question may be – Do you need the Free right now Standard Version with the Introductory to Algebra – or the Premier?  Well, I didn’t upgrade to the premier right away – as I didn’t think I needed it. We are on Algebra 1 right now. However, I learned that they do upgrade and fix the software often. You can get the upgrades with the Premier Package. I also found that Nate’s “level” of math is on a strange scale. He needed to upgrade to the Premier to get to the levels that would challenge him.  Even if we were not reviewing this for free – I would see the Premium as essential to really get the full dose out of this software. I contacted the customer service and he had me in the codes VERY quickly. For less than 50 dollars – you have practice sheets for the entire time of High School for Math. That is pretty cool.

Here are a few details from the website – They are spelled out there too – but just in case you can’t click over:

1. The math911 Standard  Version contains a complete Introductory Algebra Course (Algebra 1) and can be downloaded from Math911.comNo credit card nor Rebate required.

THIS JUST IN  – If you Click on their Website – and scroll to the bottom – there is a code for Homeschoolers to get the ENTIRE DEAL for $9.95!! This is as of the first week of September 2012 – Click over, scroll to the bottom, and look for the code! Wowza!

2. The Premier / Premier Password/ Network Password versions are $49.95 for all 3 (not each), include free upgrades and technical support, and in addition to the :

  • Introductory Algebra course , also the
  • Intermediate Algebra Course (Algebra 2),
  • PreCalculus topics,
  • Trigonometry topics, and the
  • Introductory Statistics Course.

Regarding Activation Codes for Premier, Premier Password, Network Password
Upon purchase ($49.95) (Or using the Discount Code on the Website Mentioned Above) your readers should
1. Click on Register button and email us the Registration Codes
2. Identify themselves as a homeschooler.
3. They will receive a reply email with ALL Activation Codes for all versions
     listed below:
     a) Premier Version (one user no password)
     b) Premier Password (Multiusers with Passwords)
     c) Network Version (Multiusers with passwords)
4.  Users can switch between versions by clicking the REGISTER button and
     entering the codes for the desired version.
4. Passwords are generated by the software.

Disclaimer:  We (The Review Crew) were offered the Premier Version of Math 911 to use in our home, for the adults or students ready for Algebra and above for free in exchange for using it and sharing it with you.  Have I mentioned I love being on the Old Schoolhouse Review Crew Lately?


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  2. Jennifer says:

    Practice- that was the opinion of my daughter, too.

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