Ancient Stump–Field Trips for Unschoolers!



People often ask for a summer of “A Day in the Life” – trouble is – we never seem to have the same type of day twice.  We spent the summer just enjoying observations, pursuing water sports, reading, and hanging with friends. 

September for us – is the start of Intentional Learning again. For example: Monday was a bit unplanned. It was Hubby’s Saturday, but I wanted the boys to work on their math and writing. We spent some time at the table as a family in the morning. Nathan got a call to swap some objects on a deal he was working with on Craigslist  – In Beverly Beach, Oregon. We cleaned up the house and packed a few snacks and headed down to the State Campgound.  Hubby took a business call, the boys headed out to see if the rocks had been uncovered yet from the summer sand, and I meandered around this creek. That’s when I stumbled upon this trunk:


We have walked under this bridge to use the State Park a few times. The boys surf on this beach a but further north at Otter Rock, but we had not seen the stump or sign.



Here’s the Sign:


No. Seriously. Read that again.   I spent some time thinking about the events, walked on the stump. Marveled at the location / distance  of the stump to the ocean. Walked down to the beach and walked with the boys.  As we walked back I asked them if they’d like to see something really cool – the boys agreed, dad joined us from the parking lot – and we all read the sign together.  We had a fun family conversation about the 4,100 years, about the time of the Flood. How it was preserved under the sand. Many old artifacts we have found that were preserved until the sand was stripped away. The boys also walked in the grooves. 

And then – we headed to Newport for some Pizza and stopped up at the lighthouse for a walk  . . . Intentional. Ready for learning. Open to stopping. Ready to read signs. Learning all the time.  I love these days.

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