Family Time Fitness

I’d like to introduce your family to Family Time Fitness .

Does your family have a scheduled time for Physical Education?  If you answered yes, and thought of times that your kids ride their bike around the neighborhood, run around the yard, or walk to the mail box at the end of the street – then we are not on the same page. 

A lot of Homeschool Kids are Physically Active. Mom’s kick them outside all of the time.  Physical Education – on the other hand – gives more time to structured learning. Disciplined time. Purpose to learn large motor skills, space awareness, self control, and learning how to use your body to the fullest. 

We used to get together with a few other families once a week for P.E.  We gathered a few hoola hoops, cones, balls, rope – and engaged in purposeful physical learning activity for 45 minutes. 

Once we moved way – I no longer used those ideas with the boys.  That is why I was interested in reviewing Family Time Fitness’s  Fitness 4 Home School Core 1 Curriculum K-8 .  If you click over to their site – you can read about the breakdown of their goals, watch videos of their curriculum, and read their scope and sequence for their educational ideals. 

The Curriculum is meant to be used in the home with the same fun equipment we used in Co-op. 30-45 minutes a day for 3-5 days a week.  Videos help to explain how the exercises work.  Each day’s lesson can be printed on one sheet.  We used the iPod as we had a PDF download of the curriculum.  I read through the exercises on the laptop to get the general feel of the movements. Even though I am familiar with many of these activities, it is designed to be used just as easily by parents who have no physical education experience.

This particular curriculum is $57.00 – a one time purchase.  Their customer service is really excellent. I can guarantee you that they are committed to answering your questions and making the program as easy as possible for you to to learn with your kiddos!

Stop by sometime and join us on the beach or in the yard.  It is true – a body in motion stays in motion – I have enjoyed seeing the boys be active these past couple of months.  Another perk worth mentioning is the attention span. Having a hard time with squirmy learners?  You’ll be excited at how much easier it is to settle down for math or writing after a bit of large muscle movement!

P1090950         P1090954

Disclaimer: I received a free PDF of the Family Time Fitness Fitness 4 Home School Core 1 Curriculum K-8  in exchange for reviewing it and sharing it with you as a part of being with the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  Come on over and see what my cremates did with the program!

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