Cave Drawings–Discovery of the Origins of Mountain Dew


We had a great day with math, writing and vocabulary and moved on to the highlight of the week – Artists and Composers!

I had a great plan laid out following the plans by Harmony Fine Arts’ Middle School and 9th grade Ancient time period plans. Except for one tiny thing.  We only had one book in from ordering.  So the links to see and hear were on the internet. And – wouldn’t ya know it, out router decided to break today! Yikes!

Well – It was Draw Write Now to the rescue – even though I think we will study Native Art later, one project was to draw cave drawings onto crinkled paper. So we swapped it up.  We read about Palestrina in the Classical Music Experience book – Nathan and I both learning quite a bit!  I love how he spontaneously narrates the story each time after one reading. I suppose after so many years it is just habit.  I like the oral narrations to hear his heart, and for Jon to hear what we are reading as well.

So on to the silly:


Jon wanted authentic black coal type drawings.


I made mine with the 2012 version of coal – a sharpie – then blended the colors with the chalks, I stayed pretty close to the assignment in the Draw Write Now book.


Why is there a Mountain Dew in Nate’s drawing?


When the grass was tall (summer), a man left his tepee to go hunting deer. He crossed the Mountain Dew, swam the river of Mountain Dew, and camped under the stars and stayed three days. Then walked three more days to find the Mountain Dew and Springs of Dew.  He went on to harness the spring and build a factory and sell Mountain Dew to happy teenage boys everywhere. He got married had a few kids, and lived happily ever after. The. End. So – there ya have it. By Cave Drawings – The origins of Mountain Dew. God’s Honest Truth.

I am not an affiliate for either company – but we do use Draw Write Now and Harmony Fine Arts. We’ll be mentioning them throughout the year. Here are some links if you are interested.  Book 3 Draw Write Now  Harmony Fine Arts-New Plans! Ancient Art and the Orchestra-Middle School Level  Ninth Grade Plans – Enjoy! 

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2 Responses to Cave Drawings–Discovery of the Origins of Mountain Dew

  1. is this your son’s narration of the events? It is most refreshing.

    My son would be able to relate to it enormously, cheers for sharing.

    • pebblekeeper says:

      It used to annoy me that he wouldn’t take the assignments seriously – but he just seems to have fun with a pencil in his hand. Now I just go for it, and crack up. At least he enjoys history and art! ha! Glad you liked it.

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