Fall Insect Walk


We took some time out for a 30 minute walk around the yard on Monday. I challenged the boys to find as many different types of insects as they could while we walked. Jon started by flipping over our large obsidian rock to find what we call the rolly polly bugs. (Scientific Names Shall Not Be Used in the Duration of this Article Due to Laziness).


When I mentioned “the most different types” Jon instantly started trying to lift the hydrangeas! Crazy Kid – I argued that it would be too full of water – he said no problem, just get your finger under here like so, and presto – lifto – lots of – bugs-o.


The camera and lighting doesn’t pick it up , but there are at least 5-15 types of bugs crawling around under there dashing for their holes. A few stopped to wave a Jon, but none wanted to be fish lures.


Nate comes out about 5 minutes later and I give him my sales pitch and guess what he does? The Exact same thing. Starts lifting these barrels.  He says they do it “all the time” to look for fish food. Silly me, I was looking under rocks and in my flowers.



We have a wood debris pile in the corner – this insect was REALLY long. His mate had already dashed into the hole next to this one, and this is only showing about a 1/3 of him. Then, they backed up and stuck their heads out together. Really funny. Things you don’t get to see on the couch catching up on FB. Unless you clicked this from FB, in which case – Oh nevermind. Winking smile


I was photographing a yellow rose, when I spotted this flying bug, eating a white spider! As I tried to photograph, the bug dragged the spider away from my lens. Incredible.





The Handbook of Nature Study has an Insect Grid to help give your littles ideas on where to find insects and a couple of fun projects – Here is a link to the Grid blog post for ideas – you can get the notebooking page in the Newsletter – Subscribe by email on the right hand side of the page!

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3 Responses to Fall Insect Walk

  1. Oh how awesome!! We actually spent the whole month looking for and at bugs. I never thought to tell the kids to find as many as they could in a short space of time, “go!” I will have to remember that for the next time we study bugs.

  2. I always love seeing what you and your boys do for nature study. I love that they knew right where to look for insects…such strong young men! Your images really tell the story as well. Thank you so much for sharing your fall insect walk with the carnival.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Enjoyed this blog very much! Beautiful pictures! Made me smile! Thank you.

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