Mergansers are Back



No, that’s not a Merganser – but a cutie little shore bird. Last year we had 2-3, this year we have a flock of 10-20. This morning about 7 were walking around.



I like their tracks. All along the front of the house we have a path of tiny dots. Too cute!

I walked down because I saw 4-5 Mergansers swim over to the spot next door.  I am getting a lot better at self control with physical excitement because I came around the corner of the boat house and saw this scene, and didn’t scare them away.


Mergansers Egret


Mergansers Egret


Mergansers Egret


Mergansers Egret

Mergansers Egret

Mergansers Egret

Egret Flying

Flying Mergansers

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3 Responses to Mergansers are Back

  1. I loved the photo with the one bird and her brood walking across the ‘bridge’. The more I homeschool the more I appreciate so many things and nature is one of them. So is this on your property or where you all visiting a lake?

    • pebblekeeper says:

      We were pretty lucky, God Blessed, to find a rental on the Lake. My husband was transferred to Lincoln City, a small 7 mile long community , 3.5 miles of it is along a lake to the east, the town is 1 mile wide, and the ocean is along the west. We’re on the east side of the lake. We wake up every day in a dream. Trying to enjoy every moment! The first year we moved here I had two blogger blogs called Lake Schooling and Beach Schooling to hold our 400 pictures a day – ha! Hubby said – sometimes y’all actually even do “some schooling”, so a year into it, and because of TOS, I mearged the blogs into one, and now we have Lake Schooling, Beach Schooling and Some Schooling all in one spot. 😉

  2. dawn says:

    Love the mergansers on the log with the egret! Lovely!

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