What is Pre-Historic–Exactly?

P1110479We are studying the ancients this year in our art, composers, Bible and history.

For the past few weeks we have been studying prehistoric art. We finally got our copy of Strickland’s The Annotated Mona Lisa this week, the book recommended for 9th grade Art History.

As we read about the history of Cave Drawings – Nathan stops to point out a few of their views that he does not agree with, or that he finds hard to believe.  The questions start shooting out from both boys. Questions I thought were cemented with answers.

  • How do we know when Man began?
  • How do we know hold old the earth is for sure?
  • What is the study of History?
  • What is Prehistoric?
  • What do we know about the people who write this stuff?

We started with History – What is it?  I sort of had a cheat because of reading the teacher’s section of TruthQuest. I asked Nate and Jon to look it up.  They came up with a basic response of “The study of mankind and events in the past”.

I prefer the definition from TruthQuest. – History is learning about “God’s Initiation and our Response.”

We were able to have a really long conversation about where many books begin, learning their starting points – and seeing how they develop their opinions.  As we study history through High School, we will be exposed to more and more thought that differs from our conservative point of view. I am not seeing this as a downfall – or an open door to changing our core beliefs – as long as we have a focus while reading these texts. P1110478

Which led to our next study – from TruthQuest:

“ . . to the degree that we believe and obey truth

                             to that degree

  • our lives are blessed,
  • our nations are free and healthy,
  • our science is beneficial,
  • our laws are wise,
  • our business prospers and
  • our art is glorious.”

We have been studying the difference between what we believe, and what is true. That we can choose to believe things that are not true, or choose to disbelieve things that are. I think that the quote above is powerful. Not just believing a truth – but taking it to the step beyond believing it – acting on it.

“Each of these spheres of life cannot be understood without grasping the spiritual issues at their base, Now That’s History.” Truth Quest – Michelle Miller.

We drew several circles on the white board breaking down our life, science, government, laws, finances – and art.  For our history – being detectives to find the truth in these areas will be our goal. Holding up what man has done – how has he responded to truth throughout history – will be our research.

P1110480Some days at our table, I do so wish we all had GoPro’s on our heads to record these great conversations. We took the rest of the conversation to Genesis 5, Matthew 1, Numbers, and several other places where God seems to be pretty exact about numbers, dates, years, measurements, counting . . . .



I think that absolutes matter to God. Truth matters to God. 

It will be our Quest to find it.  Thank You TruthQuest!

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  2. We recently visited the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History where key theories are presented as an absolute in what seemed like every single display. Our history spine for Sonlight Core G Ancient History is actually somewhat condescending about a few things. It simply reminds me that we have to ask the Ancient of Days for guidance, and learn how to defend the faith!

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