A Post for Mimi

P1110537So, If your name isn’t Mimi, Mama, or Paula or Tookie – you might not get a whole lot out of this post . . .  When my camera is around my neck, often times my hubby is at work.  When he is home, I try to turn the ‘blogger brain’ off – so he doesn’t end up in a lot of photos.  We took a trip up the river yesterday and I took over 200 photos – he did end up in a few. My folks, who now live in Arizona, were asking for photos of the boys. hard enough to get them in a photo together, but I’ll work on it. They are together all the time  – but always in two different worlds. Weird.




My hubby. Talking to a new friend about Salmon Fishing on the Salmon River.  Those are Anna’s Falls right to his shoulder there.  He’s an amazing dad and hubby.  A keeper for sure! We love his days off.  He got to go to the Surfing weekend with us all three days, and then spent his one day off this week hiking with us for almost 4 hours.  Today, he’s back at work.  We are blessed to have a dad that supports our crazy plans and ideas, and often has few crazier plans to throw into our days.


Ya have to whistle the mayberry song when following these little fisherman to the river.





Anyone besides Mama and Tookie still here?  Ha!


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The Transparent Thoughts of an Unschooling Family of Boys - Answering the question - What DO you DO all day?
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