Apples at Anna’s Falls


There is a little known beautiful warm spot on the coast known as Anna’s Falls. Located on Highway 18 just north of mile marker 7 from Highway 101 – a peaceful haven on the river.

We were invited out to pick apples and travel to a spot to spend some time with our poles in the river. You don’t need an invitation – she’d love for you to stop by this fall too!






She has several varieties.  Super sweet crisp, slightly tart, I don’t remember all of the names – but I do know that they are beautiful and tasty! You may drive right up to the tree and pick your own, or she has a few buckets picked that she can sell to you.
There are a lot of free fall apples raked into piles to go through, and enough to make a bucket for your horse!




At different times of year she has tent spaces open, all natural – perfect for bicycles.  You may want to pack a snack lunch and sit by the river.





A perfect spot for the 10 minute field trip – or the 2 hour field trip.  You’ll enjoy it. Prices on apples are super low – a whole lot closer than Hood River – and you’ll really enjoy the day. We did! We just love Anna and you will too!

Anna’s Falls – Highway 18, north of Mile 7 – Look for the red metal carport, turn right (east), and then turn right (south) down the drive.

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